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Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Facebook Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Social networking, good or bad?
Public websites geared toward creating a social network can be both positive, and negative. You can connect with people all over the world, with no fees such as land line long distance charges, cell phone, and text message charges. It is also beneficial in that you can connect with relatives you haven seen or spoken with in a while. But there are downfalls to such sites, and one of the major ones effecting teens and adults today, explicit photos, or inappropriate posts being seen by possible employers, or even colleges.

The connections that myspace, facebook, and twitter, have made between us to the rest of the world, have made a big impact on socialization. Because we now have the ability to contact friends, family members, and other relatives via these sites, we no longer have the worry of ridiculously high phone bills. We can connect the family members in Australia, while chatting with others in Spain. It has opened up a whole new experience to those who have relatives all over the world.

It’s not only good for connecting with those who live far away, but for connecting with those who you’ve lost contact with in the past. It gives you the ability to see how they’re doing, and see updates of their lives. Social networking sites connect everyone, from friends away at college, to neighbors, to family, and everything in between. Sometimes, though, you need to ask yourself, is giving up your privacy, and making your life, and the lives of others, really worth it?

In more then one occasion, people have been more then qualified for jobs, and educational opportunities, but turned down due to the context found on these sites. In the fine print, that most people don’t read, you don’t realize that what you’re agreeing to. The agreement that you click “I agree” on, states that higher power authorities and educators, as well as future employers, have the ability and right to access your page whether or not you have it...
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