The Effect of Communication on Organisational Goal Attainment

Topics: Organization, Management, Organizational communication Pages: 10 (2866 words) Published: May 17, 2013

In the 1960’s organizational communication shifted its primary focus from the applied aspect of communication in the organization, which involved mainly writing, speaking and persuasion to the broader role of communication in areas such as organizational behaviours and organizational theories (Barker and Angelopulo, 2006:14). Since the inception of organizational communication in the 60’s, work has been done to develop it which then resulted in books being specifically written about organizational communication. As the organizational environment changes, there are more dynamic ways to deal with the challenges to ensure that the goal of the organization is achieved. For example, if an organization such as the DE UNITED FOODS INDUSTRIES LIMITED, the manufacturer of Indomie Noodles in Nigeria is faced with productivity challenges; downward communication is used to communicate the goals and the consequences for not achieving the goals. The success of an organization depends on how well it designs its communication strategies to effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders. The importance of information flow within an organization can result in high productivity and customer satisfaction. For example, if DE UNITED FOODS INDUSTRIES LIMITED enters to a productivity agreement of 30 Trailer cartons of Indomie per week with a client, employees must be informed about that agreement. Communication in an organization is initiated at various levels which results in design of the message according to various audience needs, bearing in mind the channels through which the message travels and feedback to the sender. The different categories of employee levels will be taken into consideration, i.e. management, supervisors, full time union representatives and operational staff. Organizations are structured such that power and authority is delegated according to seniority which enforces the acceptable behaviour within the organization. Each function does not exist alone but depends on other function which is why an organization is seen as a system. For example, the operations department at DE UNITED FOODS INDUSTRIES LIMITED has a significant relationship with as well as human resources department for the production process. In an organization there are various functions which need to be carried out. Consequently, communication becomes central in the delivery of those functions. Furthermore, communication is used to coordinate various activities and information must flow in various directions. It is the function of management to transfer to the subordinates instructions and information about the goals and objective of the organization. Subordinates are expected to provide feedback about their performance and offer suggestions to improve their performance. Employees at the same level need to share information which might have taken time to reach them due to the hierarchical levels.

DE UNITED FOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED is one of the core business divisions of INDOFOOD SUKSES MARMUR TBK, Indonesia which is a private organization. The core business of DE UNITED FOODS INDUSTRIES LIMITED is to produce Noodles for the teeming population of Nigeria. According to DUFIL(DE UNITED FOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED) Human Resources communication update (January 2009), DUFIL employs 600 direct employees and 1000 indirect employees respectively, most of whom are mature and have been with the organization for up to 15 years. As the company serves her teeming consumers and clients, it is required to keep up with the changing business challenges. These changes include majorly, sustainability in the competitive business environment and how to achieve the goals, aims...
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