Kudler Fine Foods - Functional Area Interrelationships

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Kudler Fine Foods – Functional Area Interrelationships


July 16, 2012

Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods offers delicacy food s to its customers. Kudler treats its foods with love and care. These delicacies give customers excellent meat, bread, seafood, and wine. Kudler’s mission, vision, values, and goals are extraordinary. This paper is a review of Kudler’s reason for existence, organizational structure, steps in collaboration, positive action plan, and collaborative roles of the key stakeholders. Kudler uses these steps to have a successful organization. The organization is successful because customers can get quality foods here. Organization’s Existence

Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store offering its customers the best in imported and domestic fare. The founder and owner Kathy Kudler had a vision for the business she wanted to develop because she found relief from the stress of working as vice-president of marketing for a large defense contractor by cooking gourmet foods. Realizing that it was not easy to find the necessary ingredients, Kathy noticed there was a business opportunity that she could capitalize on. Kudler’s mission is to provide customers with a pleasing shopping outing. Kudler wants their customers to understand that the products sold at their stores are nothing less than what Kathy Kudler uses in her own home. The goal is to provide customers with the best service by going “to extensive lengths to assure that Kudler Fine Foods is the purveyor of choice for customers aspiring to purchase the finest epicurean delights” (Kudler Fine Foods, About, 2011, para. 3,). The value that Kudler Fine Foods wants to instill in the company is to treat the customer’s shopping experience like Kathy would treat her own by shopping the world for the best to provide the products not offered in other stores. Kudler is highly selective in regard to the team members. The goal of Kudler Fine Foods is to expand and to have outstanding growth in the fine foods and specialty industry, and continue to have high profits in the future. Analysis of the Organizational Structure

After analyzing the type of organizational structure employed by Kudler Fine Foods, it is clear that their main focuses are on the customers and the company’s reputation. The company’s hybrid structure employs directors and managers with functional area expertise, geographic location focus, and product area specialization. There are limited spans of control in this small company and communication flows are not overly complicated. The founder Kathy Kudler was tired of the large corporate world and wanted to relieve some of the stress in her life. Therefore, back in 1998 she created a business plan and obtained funding to open the first Kudler Fine Foods. Because of the clear organizational structure and mission statement, Kudler Fine Foods was a success and broke even within the first nine months. The main driver behind that success was offering each customer a delightful and pleasing shopping outing with the fresh and finest products from all around the world. The continual success has given Kathy and the management the ability to open two more stores in the Southern California area. Kudler Fine Foods also offers home delivery and that is another key position that supports the organization structure. Because there are currently three stores open in the Southern California area and customers ordering via the Internet, Kathy needs to take a larger leadership role and rely on the store managers. The managers of the stores need to understand clearly the organization’s mission statement and Kathy’s vision to continue with the success the organization has had since opening in 1998. The staff members at each Kudler Fine Foods location are key positions that directly reflect the vision and structure that Kathy has developed as the founder. In these key positions, it becomes essential for the store...
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