The Daily Milk Market in Egypt

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Dairy Milk Category U&A Brief
* Introduction:
The Daily Milk market in Egypt is considered to be a highly competitive one with one main market leader, which is Juhayna. The Dairy Milk market is worth about EGP 1.8 Million and the market is still growing with rates of 18% in volume and 21% in value that’s between 2009-2011. The market is price sensitive. In the below figure we can see the division of the Dairy Milk mark

The first to cut through the market was Juhayna in 1983 when Packed Milk made up only 1% of the whole market. Now the Packed Milk makes up to 26% of the market with Juhayna being the leader with 67% of the before mentioned market. UHT Milk makes up to 98% of the volume share of the market and only 2 % is left to the Fresh Milk. The market is divided as elaborated in the following.

The continuous growth of the market is due to several reasons; Entry of new players like Elmarai in 2009, conversion of Loose Milk users to Packed Milk users and heavy marketing investment.

* Manny making an entrance:
Manny Fresh Milk made an entry in the Dairy Milk market in September. Manny is looking to expand in the Fresh Milk segment and to embark in the UHT segment. What it needs know to get a better understanding of the Fresh Milk segment and grow in it as well as figure how it can cut through the UHT segment. Manny is looking to increase its market share as fast as possible and find market gaps it can fill in order to grow faster. What Manny needs is strong marketing strategies and a good understanding of the market and the consumer in order to reach its goals. As mentioned before the Dairy Milk market is a growing market that is filled with opportunities. The market has been growing for 20 years now and by capitalizing on the company strengths, eliminating its weaknesses and try to get a good understanding of the competition and especially market leaders and how they got there, they can go far in this market. * Objectives:

Our objectives is divided into two sub objectives:
1. Marketing Objective: Manny’s main objective is to reach a minimum of 10% market share in the next 18 months. This would be 10% of the whole Packed Dairy Milk market including UHT and Fresh Milk. 2. Research Objective: Mainly our objective from this research is to come up with all kinds of strategies that best fit Manny in order to reach their main goal of getting a double-digit market share by 2014. We need to find out the marketing strategies that will make the growth and development of many a fairly smooth process. A specific target audience needs to be determined in order to be focused on the segment Manny is trying to reach. After determining that specific target audience Manny needs to come to terms with their needs and how they can reach them in the best possible way. What are they looking for when they are buying that certain project and try to give it to them. Come to grips with the best means of communication possible to get the message through in addition to figure out the content of the message which will make the target audience feel attracted to out product. Through understanding both the market, their target audience as well as Manny’s budget we need to set the best price that will give Manny leadership in the market. Finally we need to set the perfect points of distribution in order not to waste money and effort by choosing wrong ones.

* Sampling Accuracy and Target Audience
Sampling accuracy and target audience are two crucial elements in the marketing research mix in order to come up with the best precision and credibility. Making sure we have those two aspects in the bag we can speak more confidently about the strategies and easily decide which are the most appropriate strategies * Target Audience: It is a necessity to understand which segment we are trying to approach in order to understand their needs and cater to them. Determining the right audience makes it much easier to understand...
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