Indian Cheese Industry

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Market Analysis: The Indian Cheese Industry| September 18
This Report gives a market study of the Indian cheese industry, key players and their market shares and strategies. It contains a study about the scope for growth in this sector and a SWOT analysis of the same.| Indian Cheese Industry|


Sr. No| Topic| Page No.|
1.| Overview| 1|
2.| Market Size and Growth| 1|
3.| Key Players| 1|
4.| Analysis of Individual Players4.1. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) 4.2. Britannia New Zealand Foods Private Ltd. Industries Limited (BNZF)4.3. Dabon International Private Limited4.4. Imported Cheese Market4.5. Regional Players| 33781011| 5.| SWOT Analysis of the Indian cheese industry5.1. Strengths5.2. Weaknesses5.3. Opportunities5.4. Threats| 1212131314| 6.| Market Segmentation| 14|

7.| Trends in the Indian cheese market| 15|
8.| Observations| 15|
9.| Summary| 16|
1o.| Key Government Contacts| 17|
11.| References| 18|

The Indian cheese Industry
1. Overview
Except for the popular Indian variety of cottage cheese-Paneer, India is not traditionally a 'cheese nation'. But, with the growing saturation of cheese consumption in the West and encouraging successes in other 'non-cheese' Asian countries like Japan and China; overseas cheese producers are eyeing the Indian market for its huge promise. The organised cheese industry in India is at best in its nascent stage, accounting for less than 1% of total dairy production and largely limited to urban consumption. Though cheese was first marketed in India under the brand name 'Amul', from the popular Amul butter stable in the late 1970s, it attained an identity of its own only as late as 1990s.

2. Market Size and Growth rate
The organized cheese industry in the country as of 2006, is valued at Rs 250 crore (US$ 50 million), with a volume of more than 8000 tonnes. The industry growth rate is estimated at about 10%-12% per year in terms of volume and 16%-17% per year in value terms. Current household cheese penetration is 5%, with about 50% of consumption being limited to cities. Mumbai and Delhi together capture half of the cheese market. Within cheese products, around 60% of the market is dominated by processed cheese, 30% by cheese spreads and the remaining 10% by flavoured and specialty cheese.

3. Key players

The Indian cheese market is dominated by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation that uses the brand name Amul and Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt. Limited, using the brand name 'Britannia MilkMan'. Amul is way ahead of competition and owns about 60% of the market. Britannia has about a 25% share. Other players are Dabon International Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the French dairy company Bongrain S.A and other regional brands like Mother Dairy and Vijaya. These companies have a 10% market share. The remainder 5% of the market is taken by imported cheese brands, retailed in specialty stores.

Table 1: The Indian Cheese Market Key players
Brand(s)| Estimated Share of Market (%)|
Amul| 60|
Britannia MilkMan| 25|
Le Bon, Regional brands e.g. Mother Dairy, Vijaya| 10|
Imported brands e.g. Kraft, Laughing Cow| 5|

Fig 1: Pie chart showing % market share of the major players

4. Analysis of individual players:

4.1. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF)

4.1.1. Company Profile:
Amul is the leading brand name for products produced and marketed by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). GCMMF is an apex body of milk co-operatives in Gujarat and heralded the 'white revolution' in India that turned the country from having a milk-deficit to the largest milk producer in the world. GCMMF also markets milk powder and dairy whiteners under the Amulya and Sagar brand names. Amul is the oldest and the most established dairy brand in the country, with its first product, Amul butter,...
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