Motion: "This House Believes That the Hk Government Should Not Take Action to Restrict the Sale of Milk Powder."

Topics: Law, Free market, Economics Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Chairlady, honorable adjudicators, my dear opponents and fellow paulinians: Good day to you all. Standing here today as the second speaker for the proposition, I wish to continue where my first speaker left off to show that why today’s motion must stand. As stated by my first speaker, the government’s restriction of sale on milk powder will disrupt the free market system of Hong Kong. Being a free port, Hong Kong should place no restrictions on sales, imports and exports. However, after such implementation, people are restricted to buy only a certain amount of milk powder, which thus interferes the purchasing rights of consumers and therefore disturb the free market system of Hong Kong. Besides, business opportunities of firms will definitely declined due to the restriction of sale. With the above mentioned, the government’s interference into the milk powder sales market will cause drastic changes to the free market system of Hong Kong; as consumers’ purchasing rights, business opportunities are restricted, the reputation of Hong Kong being an International free market city will also be ruined as a result. Under these circumstances, the market value of Hong Kong is lowered which cause 95% of milk powder purchasing agents to be withdrawn from our market according the WantChina Times on the 27th of February. This will do no benefit to Hong Kong’s economic structure in long term basis as it further reduces the commercial opportunities of firms and leads to a decrease in foreign investment in our market due to the decline in market value. Also, it will again decrease the supply of milk powder in Hong Kong, and citizens will still be suffering due to the limited amount of milk powder available now. And therefore shows that the shortage of milk powder problem cannot be solved by restricting the sales of milk powder market. Speaking on the feasibility of the new law, the main purpose of it is to strike the parallel goods trading in SheungShui, and maintain constant...
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