The Current Image of the Samsung Galaxy Siii and Apple Iphone 4s in the Customer’s Perspective

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Executive summary2
1.0 Introduction3
1.1 Research Objective3
1.2 Research Question3
1.3 Literature Review3
1.3.1 Brand Positioning help Smartphone Company gain the market share4
1.3.2 Apple use the brand positioning to gain the market share4
1.3.3 Positioning strategy based on Competitors5
1.3.4 Samsung uses the brand positioning to overtake the Apple to become the market leaders.5
1.3.5 Samsung using the emotional branding to overtake Apple6
Research method & procedure7
2.0 Theory7
2.1 Sampling7
2.2 Survey Questions8
Data Analysis & Finding9

Executive summary

This research is main focusing on what is the current image of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Apple iPhone 4s in the customer’s perspective because in the year 2011, Samsung Galaxy SIII is overtake the Apple iPhone in the smartphone market. This issue is shocking the world so this research will test izit the image of Apple iPhone is drop and Samsung Galaxy SIII is getting high. This research will use the online survey method to collect the data. A set of questionnaire will be design based on the similar research report on the image then only will post to the online survey website. The data collected will be analyzed into pie chat with report and finding. After that, few recommendations will give to the company in order to make change on the strategy for the smartphone. Finally the conclusion will be concluding based on the result and a list of limitation will list down.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Research Objective
The product image is important for all the company to gain the profit and attach customers. In 2011, Samsung is overtaking the Apple iPhone 4s to become the market leader in smartphone market by introduced the Samsung galaxy SIII (Culpan, 2011) with the repositioning strategy on the product image. This research is to find out the current image of Apple iPhone 4s and Samsung galaxy SIII in the customer perspective. It is important to find out what are the current image of Apple iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy SIII because before the Samsung Galaxy SIII is introduce, Samsung is consider the follower in smartphone industry due that the Apple iPhone become a trend for the smartphone industry. Almost all the smartphone company is following the design and operating system of Apple iPhone so when the Samsung Galaxy SIII is introduce and overtake the Apple iPhone in market, the customer perspective will also change.

1.2 Research Question
The research Question for this research is: what the current image of Apple iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy SIII in customer’s perspective?

1.3 Literature Review
Smartphone is the trend for the world for the powerful computing abilities similar to personal computer. In 1992, the world 1st smartphone is introduced by IBM with SIMON. Then in 1996, NOKIA expands the smartphone market with the model NOKIA 9000 Communicator which comes with color for the screen. In 2007, the smartphone market having the glory year by apple introduce the new generation of smartphone, the iPhone with the operating system that making their smartphone which are low in price, faster and more function than old generation of smartphone. The Apple iPhone are becomes a trend for the smartphone market and almost all the phone company is follow the trend (McCarty, 2011). In 2011, smartphones overtake PCs by 488 million smart phones, compared to 415 million client PCs (Alto, 2012)

1.3.1 Brand Positioning help Smartphone Company gain the market share
All marketer will use the marketing strategy on segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP).A company identify different need in the marketplace, target those and positions its offerings so the target market recognizes the company image. Positioning is the action of designing a company offering and image to occupy distinctive place in the minds of the target market...
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