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For years, Apple was considered as a computer manufacturer that creates products aimed at individuals who are “different, hip and imaginative. Both Apple’s computers and the brand name itself are successfully marketed all around the world. In recent years, Apple diversified it product mix by introducing new line of products to keep up with the competitive consumer electronics market. The iPod, a portable music player was the first product range that was launched to compete in the portable media player market and not so long after that came the iPhone which raveled the mobile phone market. The iPhone, is a innovative device that combines features like mobile phone capabilities, music player, small personal organizer and portable computing, all put in a small handheld with a widescreen display and multi-touch screen capability. The product was made available to Singaporean consumers on ______ by Singtel. The iPhone is fully compatible with both Apple computers and software. It is also “ one-click-sync “ready for consumers using Microsoft OS through iTunes Windows version. In all, the iPhone is a multi-tasking communication device, which satisfy individual needs by allowing customization in an all-in-one principle. By allowing customization makes the iPhone relevant to its target market.

Apple adopts a hybrid distribution channel involving its online store, physical outlets and the retail points of the exclusive mobile service provider and its online store.

The distribution of the iPhone was set only to exclusive mobile carriers in each country. In Singapore, Singtel, Singapore’s biggest Telco Company was given exclusive rights to distribute the iPhone when it was launched.

The iPhone is available both Singtel’s physical outlets and its website which is easily found or accessed through search engines like Google and Yahoo. The hype caused an over whelming crowd, thus the limited handsets available at the launch was not enough to...
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