The Cracteristics of Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Management, Skill Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: March 6, 2013
The Leadership Characteristics and Behavior

According to Ms. Is Aisyabellah, as a leadership, the responsibility for the company is very high and the effectiveness also needs to run a successful operation for the company and next can achieve the company goal. She told that in order to be effective leader to manage the staff and others, as she did in Kaison Putatan, it is depend on our characteristics and behavior which are determine our self to managing, planning, organizing, controlling, and staffing. There a few characteristics and behavior which are more importan and useful for the leadership.

First of all, based on Ms. Is Aisyabellah experienced, in order to became a effective leader as the organization needs, the leadership must be confidence in term of making decision to run the operation of the company smoothly and confidence to handle the task which are need more effort and ability to complete it. Asking, How we can sure that the decision we make is not poor decision? She said, to lead us to make a good decision, give serious consideration to the department that has a critical situations and analyze the weakness, make strategy and use hard data to make a solution to solve it. Nevertheless, in order to create a good work environment, the leadership should make fair decision even it is has a negative impact to themselves and knew what the individual needs and group needs in term of making decision for the company needs.

Effective leadership leading the company achieving their own goal as the management listed it. According to Ms. Is Aisyabellah, the great leadership should have personal skill to handle the task. These skills allow the leader to assist the staff members to working cooperatively as a group to achieve the company goal. Beside, it is also easy to us supervise the others staff to understand the job that they should do as the workers in the company. For example, to train the new staff in the company and others, the leadership should...
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