The Corn Planting

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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English III HName Haley, Kathleen, and John Mr. Lynch
Short Story Analyzer
Short Story: The Corn PlantingAuthor:Sherwood Anderson

Element for Analysis|Response/Evidence|Significance|
Basic summary of the story:Major action of the story in five to eight sentences.|-Hatch Hutchenson tends for his father’s farm after his injured father has returned from war and it becomes Hatch’s way of life.-Hatch marries a school teacher around the age of 50 and she was 40.-Hatch and his wife have a son named Will Hutchinson who works on the farm but then moves to Chicago to go to art school.-Will dies in a car crash in Chicago and Hal Weyman, a friend of Will’s in Chicago and a friend of the Hutchensons, is the one to deliver the news to Hatch and his wife.-Hatch and his wife plant corn on the night they received the news of Will’s death whilst in their nightgowns.-Hatch and his wife have a sense of composure the next day when they make arrangements for Will’s death.|| Major Characters:Who are the major characters and how does the author develop them? What do the characters represent?How do they change or not change?Static/DynamicFlat / Round|-Hatch Hutchenson and his wife ●Static characters whose life on their farm and view of life does not change ●Round characters ●Represent monotonous life on the prairie, hard work, and the “old way” of life-Will Hutchenson ●Static character ●Flat character ●Represents freedom from hard work and the “new way” of life-Hal Weyman ●Static character ●Round character ●Represents a success story of a combination of the old way of life and the new way of life-Narrator ●Static character ●Flat character●Portrays an accurate account of what happened with the Hutchensons and is a spectator to the lives of Hatch and his wife through Hal Weyman|All of the characters are static characters and none of them show any development. The only development of any character is...
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