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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Response to Literary Text Grade 11 / Of Mice and Men
500 words
Please include your name, grade, school name, and a title.
25 points total
Prompt: Several of the characters in Of Mice and Men display physical and mental impairments. Identify and describe these characters. How do these impairments influence or reflect these characters' roles in the novel? For example, Crooks and Candy are hunch-backed and lame, Curley’s hand is crushed, etc. Prewriting: (worth 5 points of your essay grade): List each of the main characters. What is their disability? The disability may be physical or mental. How does this contribute to their role in the novel? The impairment may be symbolic also. Essay (worth 20 points): After reading the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, discuss the various impairments that plague the characters in the play. How do these impairments influence the roles of the characters in the novel? This should be in paragraph one. The remaining paragraphs should focus on the characters in the play (one per paragraph), and how their impairment influences their role in the novel. What are the circumstances/challenges each person faces, how this impacts the plot, etc. Lastly, in the conclusion, discuss what you liked about the play, and what you did not like. Final Response to Literary Text draft should include evidence of the following: Focus: characterization: how has the writer’s development of characters helped to make clear the significance of the theme? Language: imagery, research inclusion, and word choice: how the writer’s use of these elements achieves effects in the composition. Structure: how the writer creates an effective lead, thesis sentence, and reflection within the essay. Format: paragraph one – introduction/discussion of the impairment/disability, etc.; paragraph two - first character you select; paragraph three - second character; paragraph four – final character(s); paragraph five - what you liked and found disturbing.