The Change and Development of the Qantas Airlines

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The Change and Development of the Qantas airlines
----For Qantas airlines

1 Introduction
1.1-----------------------------The overview of the report
1.2-----------------------------The background of Airlines industry 1.3-----------------------------The Problems of Qantas airlines 1,4-----------------------------Action Research Model
2 Change and managing people at both the individual and organizational level 2.1 -------------------------Change and managing people at organizational level 2.2--------------------------Change and managing people at individual level 3 conclusion and Recommendations

3.1 conclusion
3.2 Recommendations
4 Implementation Plan and learning experience
4.1 Implementation plan
4.2 My own learning experience

1.1 The overview of the report
This report was written as an evidence of our group’s presentation for Qantas airlines. It does include the way Qantas change and managing people at both the individual and organizational levels. Also with include the understanding of the area for change and development. And a implementation plan will been given at the second part of the report with the conclusion of my own leaning Experience.

1.2 The background of Airlines industry
Qantas was founded in Queensland on 1920 as Queensland and Northern Territorial Aerial Services Limited. In the last 16 years, some of the changes occurred in airline industry affect this yields which could identified as the collapse of Ansett group, the absorption of Impulse Airlines into Qantas and so on. Moreover, the deregulation continued in Australia due to the establishment of ‘Open skies” agreement between Australia and New Zealand. Based on this situation, related to the turbulent industry, it is difficult for firms to control the profits. Qantas and Virgin Blue are two big players which has the most part of the market share. Since 2001, the competition becomes more seriously because of the government tightened security laws in domestic and international parts to guard against terrorist attacks, especially for the fare level. 1.3 The Problems occurred by Qantas airlines

There are two problems related to the change and develop of the Qantas group which could be identified as the deregulation of government and the failure of regional airline Impulse entry capital city market. Relate to case study, because improve customers’ benefit concerned as the primary aim for government to complete these changes of polices. Also, deregulation of government helps to expand market share for small airline firms through reduce barriers and prevent monopoly in this industry (Fred, L., 2008). But the efficiency of deregulation still in ethical, the threat obviously to see in real practices that the real cost of air travel declined by 24% during the complete period (Gao, 1996). The issue could be distinguished by the structure of changes in every airline firm. The fact is that the result is out of government’s expectation. They did not follow the step and structure which the government expected results hard entry for small airline firms due to the market is mature and already monopolized by Qantas and Virgin Blue. Furthermore, the poor capitalized entrants do not difficult to follow the development of trend of those two biggest companies that establish the special class with more discount of price to attract more customers. Low-cost model sounds like a beneficial way to help the whole airline industry; actually it still has some weakness for small firms to performance. Secondly, the duopolists invariably in airline area are another issue should be mention. The failure of regional airline Impulse entry capital city market provides a chance for Virgin Blue entry the market with successful backing of international carrier. After this, Qantas and Virgin Blue have equal part of market share under two-airline policy. All those factor show the necessity of changes and development needed by...
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