Managing Change

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Managing Change
Acceptation-Accountability Plan

Date I 19 November 2010
Place I Hotelschool The Hague
Prepared for I G.J. Smit, C. Valk, D. Verschoor and A. van Rheede


In line with Hotelschool the Hague’s course ‘Managing change: KLM, Air France and JAL’, students are assigned to take part in an Integrated Professional Duty Course. Students, as a HR management team, will be deciding on an implementation plan for the adaption JAL to Air-France-KLM, and vice versa, at strategic, managerial and operational levels, taking the mission, vision and strategy of Air-France-KLM into account.

From the Hotelschool, several lecturers; Ms G.J. Smit, Mrs. D Verschoor- de Leeuw, Mr. A v. Rheede and Mrs. CJW Valk will guide all the management teams through the duration of the next 10 weeks.

Table of contents

Table of contents3
1: Project Overview4
1.1Project Assignment4
1.2Problem Definition4
1.3Main Research Question4
2: Exploration of Companies Involved5
2.1Background Air France – KLM5
2.2Background JAL5
2.3Structural Level5
2.4Strategic Level6
2.5Cultural Level7
3: Planning & Organization of the Process9
3.1Information Needed9
4: Draft Set-up of implementation Plan12
5: Communication Plan13
Work Cited and Consulted14
Appendix 1: Organogram KLM15
Appendix 2: Description of Hofstede’s Dimensions16
Appendix 3: Cultural Dimension of Japan and Asian Countries17 Appendix 4: Dimensions of France and European countries.18
Appendix 5: Dimensions of the Netherlands and Scandinavian Countries19 Appendix 6: Daft’s Uncertainty Model and Kottler’s 8-step Model20 Appendix 7 : Deals and Kennedy’s cultural model and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs21

1: Project Overview

This chapter will provide a broader overview of the project at hand and will offer more clarity of what the management team will be researching.

1 Project Assignment

In this course ‘Managing Change’ a group of 4 members are hired to be the managers of Air France – KLM. Mr.Pierre-Henry Gourgeon, the CEO of the company, has given this team an assigned to create an implementation plan that focuses on the employees. The Group Executive Committee (GEC) needs to be convinced that the approach and plans are of high standards as well as that the team knows how to manage the cultural change within the organization in the best possible way when presenting the plan.

2 Problem Definition

Air France-KLM can no longer continue as one company due to financial problems and the growing competition in its market where more and more parties cooperate. The merging of Air France - KLM will allow the two companies to join forces and work more efficiently. This merge, however is a large change for the two companies to adjust to. With a focus on the employees, how should the companies deal with this change at a strategic, managerial as well as operational level to prepare for a smooth merging of the two. How will the GEC be convinced that the approach and plans shown by the team will show that they know how to manage the cultural change between the two.

3 Main Research Question

How can KLM-Air France and JAL prepare its best possible way for the merging of the two firms in regard to its employees and the change to processes of the strategic, managerial, operational and cultural levels.

2: Exploration of Companies Involved

1 Background Air France – KLM

Air France (founded in 1933) and KLM (founded in 1919) decided to join forces in 2003; it was a financial and strategic decision and is now the 3rd largest airline company in terms of international passenger kilometers and total operating revenues[1]. Air France and KLM are both part of the Star Alliance and share a frequent flyer program called Flying Blue. Air France – KLM flies to 244 destinations and transported over 71 million passengers year to date.

2 Background JAL

Japanese Airlines...
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