The Case of Mismanaged Ms.

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Team case #1: The Case of Mismanaged Ms.
1. Within this corporation, there are multiple signs that suggest possible employment discrimination. · Only 20% of the employees at Triton are women. Additionally, Triton only has two mid- level managers that are women, with no women being represented at the top executive level. · Ed admitted that he chose Dick over Ruth because Dick is a man, and thought that he could better relate to clients, as they tend to be men in the factory setting. o Dick and Ruth are relatively equal on qualifications for the job, yet, Ed told Barbara that women are less reliable at higher levels because they can get pregnant, or leave their job to follow their husband based on his job/career. · It appears that promotional opportunities are only spread through word of mouth, and that word is usually not spread to women. · It appears executives are the ones making promotion decisions without consulting the HR department. The possible evidence for discrimination has a few implications · Lawsuits

o Having situational factors like this can lead to multiple discrimination lawsuits against Triton · Less diversity
o An obvious implication is that there will a less diverse executive suite. This can hurt the company as we have learned that having diversity and the inclusion of women in the executive suite is correlated with better performance, as well as multiple viewpoints/divergent thinking that can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. · Angry Workforce

o Even if oppressed groups don’t file lawsuits, there is a chance that they will remain angry and disconnected from the organization which can result in lower satisfaction, morale, engagement, etc. which can subsequently lead to lower overall performance. 2. There are a few key players in the development and implementation of Triton’s affirmative action plans and policies. · HR department (Barbara)

o It is important that HR assists and supports managers in effectively implementing an...
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