Accomodating Diversity

Topics: Culture, Employment, Business Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Accommodating Diversity
Jacqualynn Mejias
Saint Leo University

When a person goes to their place of business, everyone there is not just like them. There may be different races, ages, and genders. This is diversity at the least. Would the business be as successful if it employed people that were the same in every way? Most would say the answer is no. Diversity is good for business in many ways. Business should accommodate diversity in order to allow their business to grow and thrive. It does not only apply to large corporations. It applies to all businesses. Every business can benefit from diversity because it has the ability to add new ideas and opinions. There are numerous advantages to allowing diversity to grow and flourish in an organization. It brings a good return of investment, business reputation, happy investors and tangible and intangible benefits.

Companies are always looking to see if their training brought in a return of investment. Employers invest time and money into employees during training and it is hard to measure if it was worthwhile. With diversity training it is obvious that at least some of it is worth it because if it is working then your organization will be diverse and will flow cohesively together. The employees that are trained bring new ideas to the table and allow the business to gain perspective that may have not otherwise have been there (Hubbard, 2003). Think of a company that employs only new college graduates into management positions. The company would lack the knowledge of the experience from the older generation. It the scenario was vice versa the company would lack the knowledge of new insight that was just learned. The same goes for different cultures, having a diverse culture allows the company to reach and relate to different cultures.

The reputation of the business is at stake. Consider how a person would feel if they found out that a business did not have a diverse workforce or only employed certain...
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