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An Assessment of the Personal Attributes and Skills of Bartenders in Two Selected Bars in Las Pinas Area.



The bartender is also part of the society. Sometimes, they are compared to Hollywood idol. But whatever the image, it is not always the most glamorous job. According to Mr. Clausewits (2005).”Train hard, fight easy.” He directly pointed out that a good bartender must know the job better in order to achieve success in bar operation in an easy way.

“Not just regular Joe off the street can become a good professional bartender is much more complex that most people think. Bartending is jobs that give you praises and outstanding recognitions the same as the well-respected and talented chef. But before anyone could be good bartender. They must be acquiring such skills and attributes.

Most bartenders are never formally trained. But each of them has different skills and attributes that are uniquely transparent to others. Skills like creativity, showmanship or execution and knowledge in Mixology which makes them productive in accomplishing their work with a minimum expenditure of their time and effort. On the hand, attributes like communication skills, personal hygiene and personal etiquette would enable them to produce the intended or expected result of work to be able to get the confidence of their customers. The “central figure” The bartender (Tomas, 2004). The figure is usually one of the best friends and commonly serves as the public image of the bar they tend, contributing to as well as reflecting the atmosphere of the establishment but they vary in skills and attributes they acquired.

According to Porter (2006) there are certain qualities that a good bartender must acquire. First, being a good host. The ideal person can get along with all the other groups of employees- front of the house (servers, hostesses, etc) the kitchen staff, management and every guest who walks through the door. Bartenders can make people feel welcome. Secondly , a diplomat. Since this person is a observant, good bartender knows when to be silent, knows when to gently but firmly refuse to serve more to someone who’s just trying to be friendly. Third has authority figure. A good bartender can control man or woman behind the bar and solve problems of the entire business even if the things get busy. Fourth, being a Role Model. A representative of bar or a restaurant, (male or female). A good bartender can handle any situation in any bar at any time. For a long time. The bar was a man’s world. But no longer be a fact some club owners feel that women bring a different temperament to bartending, that they have the ability to defuse tense situations without becoming aggressive and find them more willing to learn, practice. Take notes and ask questions.

In the Philippines, there is no school for bartenders, but there is an organization and government agencies that conducts seminars and trainings, the Philippine bartenders League and the Flair Club of the Philippines, DOT and TESDA. They help to develop and enhance the potentials of the Filipino bartenders to be a good and professional one.


To determine the personal attributes and skills of bartenders of two selected bars in Las Pinas area.


1. What is the profile of a bartender?

a. Age

b. Gender/ Sex

c. Educational Background

d. Years of Experience

2. What are the personal attributes of a bartender in terms of?

a. Communication Skills

b. Personal Hygiene

c. Personal Etiquette

3. How do this personal attributes affect the effectiveness of the bartender in accomplishing his work?

4. What are the skills required of a bartender?

a. Creativity

b. Showmanship

c. Knowledge of Mixology

5. How do these skills affect the efficiency of the bartender?


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