The Average Work Week Should Be No More Than Thirty Hours

Topics: Working time, 2009 singles, Even Worse Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Wishing for wealth is everyone’s right. And the only legal way which can help people become rich is hard working. Therefore, many people spend all their time working. However, the average work week which lasts more than thirty hours may be harmful to their health, their families and the society also.

People who work too much may harm their health. They easily feel tired and lose their interest in other activities. When they over-work but do not do any exercises to improve their health, sooner or later they will have an illness. It certainly takes them much time going to the doctor to be cured. Moreover, as they are always drowsing in working time, accidents can be happened. Then, they may have to face the financial problem if an operation is needed.

Besides, their families somehow can be affected. For example, because they are stressed, the discussion about finance problem which is hard to avoid in most families may finally become a quarrel. When children who suffer from loneliness for their parents do not take care of them because of excessively concentrate on their work see their parents behave like that, they tend to leave home. Parents losing their children turn to hate each other. And if they cannot make thorough thinking, divorce is a predictable result.

The society may be harmed if most families have such result. The children who leave their home would be ill-educated. Lacking of parents’ admonishment can lead them to the wrong way. Or even worse, they may break the law. Their parents at that time would not only feel helpless for loosing their happy families but also be very disappointed by their children. They become indifferent with other people. The society would be lack of belief, love and hope. It may be worse and worse.

In conclusion, people should not work more than thirty hours per week. If someone has to do so, make sure that they will well-prepare to live under pressure such as do exercises regularly or relax as much as they can so...
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