Too Much Work

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Maternal bond, Friendship Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Nowadays, parents are working very hard outside until they do not spend enough time with their children. In order to survive, they have to work hard to earn money. But, when they are busy working,they neglect their children. What are the consequences if the children are being neglected?

The children don not have enough paternal love and maternal love. The parents are busy working and they do not care enough for them. The children do not receive the love from their family. As a result, they are easily influenced by peer pressure. A good friend will help them in their lives but a bad friend will definitely spoil their bright future. They may take part in crime such as gengsterism and vandalism. These are the serious problems that can occur if the parents are not caring for their children.

The academic result of these children in the school also affected. They will not pay attentions on their studies again. If this bad situation is not solved, what will happen to our younger generation?

So, in order to curb the problems, parents can use some time to accompany their children. For example, the parents have to know the results and the behaviours of the children in school. If they face any difficulties in their studies, just lend them a helping hand. This can definitely help in making the relationship between the parents and the children better.

Also, the parents can bring the children along to have some family activities during weekend. Activities such as jogging and swimming not only make our body healthier, but also essential in building up a harmonious family. When the children have some problems and they are really sad and do not know what to do, parents can lend them help. This can definitely make them happier as somebody is there to listen to their difficulties and help to solve the problems together.

In a nutshell, the parents play a very important role in building up a family. They have to care and show their love for their children by...
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