The American Sushi Bar

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Let’s Roll – The American Sushi
Sharmaine Devotie, Vivian Elebiyo, Dave Romero, and Kathy Ropshaw MKT/421
Dr. Dyrren D. Davis
Let’s Roll – The American Sushi

The success of a company can be dependent upon the marketing plan or the development of a particular product or service. When introducing or developing a new product or service within an existing organization to the consumer the strategy of presenting the product or service is extremely important. Through research and development accompanied with the understanding of the need within the market or community, the product or service can be introduced as something that everyone must need or desire. Existing Organization

Sushi is a type of meal that is very common in the orient. However in the United States and other countries it has been developed into a cuisine for individuals with a particular palette. Most sushi is uncooked and only appeals to individuals that have an unconcerned mentality of certain health risks accompanied with consuming uncooked food. There are many oriental style restaurants that offer sushi items on their menu. One restaurant in particular is a small restaurant chain located in Austin, Texas known as “How Do You Roll”. Their mission statement is “making the world better, one stomach at a time” (HDYR 2010). “How Do You Roll” offers their patrons a variety of uncooked items such as fish and other select items paired with certain vegetables and sauces to create a sushi roll based upon the desire of the ordering individual. New Product

The new concept or idea to bring to the company, “How Do You Roll”, is a new product line of sushi that is fully cooked and prepared based upon a menu developed from certain recipes and cuisine from around the United States. Most individuals do not eat sushi because of the uncooked or raw ingredients. However, if we bring to the company a line of food or certain recipes that appeal to individuals based upon the ingredients and how it is prepared it would appeal to everyone and become a new phenominon that would change the idea of sushi and become a meal that everyone would enjoy. This new product development would be the “Let’s Roll - American Sushi”, fully cooked sushi, appealing to the American society as a whole. Importance of Marketing

Marketing uses several tactics to help identify and develop the market for a product or service. Marketing is an essential part of an organization, and it is keen to the overall organizational success. In the hospitality industry the influx of new restaurants springing up daily is quite alarming; it is hard for restaurants to stand out and become successful. If there is no marketing, there will be no sales or revenue. For “How do you Roll” to be successful in today’s market then the core of the organization must be marketing. As a brand new company “How do you roll” must use marketing strategies that includes advertising to potential clients, branding, and influencing behaviors regarding sushi. Using advertising, promotions, public relations will draw clients. This process will help introduce the new concept to the public while promoting the services of fast-food restaurant and encouraging sales. The Company’s success rest largely on how creative the marketing strategies are. The name of the company gives a variety of options in targeting the young and modern American to the experience of relaxed sushi dining. However, the fierce competition of the 21st century makes it difficult to have products and services noticed without the proper marketing tools and techniques. According to an article written by Exforsysinc, on the importance of marketing, marketing plays an important role in the success of a restaurant business, “It educates people on the latest market trends, helps boost a company’s sales and profit, and develops company reputation” (Importance of Marketing, 2009). Strategically, as a start-out company, taking the...
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