The Alchemist

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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The Alchemist
Most people when they hear of ‘A Hero’ they think of those who’re strong, bold, to be admired for his/her brave deeds, ones that set out on adventures/quests and overcome any obstacle. In the novel The Alchemist, a hero is displayed as one who follows what they believe to be right, takes the initiative to lead their lives(Quests), discover what they truly want, and bring enlightenment to themselves and others along the way to finding/achieving their ambitions. Santiago grew in his quest to discover what he wanted and bring happiness to others and them to him. It’s said that if you can find a path with no obstacles then it probably does not lead anywhere. Such obstacles often lead to opportunities unknown to us that can make one successful and happy. This is similar to the lives of Santiago in the novel, as the hero progresses on their journey they begin to learn more about themselves and they understand their quest. Furthermore, the obstacles the hero overcomes helps the hero become more passionate about their journey. It is shown that through overcoming obstacles, the hero can live a much happier and fulfilled life. Even though difficult obstacles occur in life, heroes must overcome a series of obstacles because achieving ones goal often leads to new beginnings.

Santiago’s depth of self discovery at the beginning of the novel are shallow, in a sense that Santiago is decidedly nonheroic at the start of the story, and we see this when Coelho notices him believing that travelling through the deserts and experiencing a life as a shepherd is all he wanted to live for. A life of shepherding, Santiago feels was to be his dream. A life different from that as a priest by his fathers wishes, was all he felt was necessary to discover for himself in his own life. He wanted “to see the castles in the towns where [others] live… see their land and how they live”. The reasoning he gives to his father for his desire to follow such a dream. But something...
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