Cinderella: a Grimm Journey

Topics: Stepfamily, Family, Ugly sisters Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: October 28, 2012
The Hero’s Journey is inevitable. In order to find yourself you must go through this journey and succeed or you’ll descend into yourself until you dwindle. For example, Lindsey Lohan after Mean Girls, this movie is such a big hit for her everyone considers her this big up and coming actress and then she just flops. She gets addicted to drugs and can’t land a role to save her life. Her journey possibly ended during the diminishment stage which could’ve pushed her into alcohol and drugs to bring her back to her high. In order to be successful in the hero’s journey you have to go through the stages in stride and take the punches as you go. Cinderella is a great example of this. Before marrying the prince and living a luxurious life, she slept in front of the fire place and earned her name for being dusty and full of ashes. Her ordinary world was working for her own family and being ignored by her own father. For example, he didn’t stand up for her when her step sisters took her clothes away and told her she couldn’t sit with them at the kitchen table.

Cinderella’s father one day goes to the fair and asks his step daughters and daughter what they want from the fair. Of course the stepdaughters tell them they want extravagant dresses but what Cinderella asks for is quite odd. She asks for the first branch the rubs against his hat. This symbolizes her love for both her parents because she didn’t want her father to waste his money on expensive things and after he get the branch she buries it on her mom’s grave and cries on it so much that the tears water it and it grows to become a tree. She goes to this tree and cries 3 times a day and always a white bird flies in the tree and watches her and if she wishes for anything the bird will throw it down to her. So instead of having a fairy godmother like in the Disney version Cinderella has the help of the white bird. The tree and the white bird signify love and protection from her mom. After hearing about the festival...
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