Gilgamesh and Superman

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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Gilgamesh is a hero on a quest for eternal life. Think of a modern-day hero- from the movies, television, or fiction - who also journeys in search of a goal. I chose Superman. Ok well, I have to write an essay comparing and contrasting Gilgamesh to Superman. I have to consider such factors as the nature of the goal, the difficulties that that must be overcome, the help, if any, that the hero receives, and the hero’s ultimate success or failure.

This is an outline of my essay:
Introduction, nature of the goals, obstacles that must be overcome, and the heroes ultimate success or failure. I also have to talk about helpers but I’m not going to make a separate paragraph for that.. So can you integrate the helpers of each hero throughout the entire essay.

Anyways, here is my introduction:
The heroes of today are not that different than the heroes of the ancient world. They have goals to achieve, obstacles to overcome, and quests to pursue. Their existence is necessary to inspire hope in generations of those struggling to survive and to find meaning in their lives. It could be said that our admiration and devotion to heroes is because we seek something that we can aspire to, whether it be to improve ourselves, to cope with our flaws, or overcome obstacles and succeed. Two examples of great role models, both past and present, for learning how to overcome obstacles and succeed are: Gilgamesh and Superman. During their obstacle-filled journeys of achieving goals, both heroes experience failure and success. In addition, both heroes receive critical help along the way.

I have the introduction done…I just need the rest of the essay! thanks

also inclue adequate support (examples) for the the essay thesis. Also, it shouldn't be longer than 400-500 words. and research information must be cited as a resouce.
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