The Aims of Hrm Is to Give Organisation a Competitive Adge

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Executive Summary2
1.0 Introduction3
2.0 ‘One of the aims of HRM is to give an organisation a competitive edge.’5 2.1. Strategy ImplementationError! Bookmark not defined. 2.2 Respond to Change6
2.2.1 Recruitment and selection6
2.2.2 Key factors for successful recruitment7
2.2.3 Problem faced in during recruitment process7
2.2.4 Evaluation of recruitment method7
2.3 Motivating Employees8
2.3.1 Motivating techniques8
3.0 Conclusion11
4.0 References12

Executive Summary

Today, the business world becomes more global, uncertainty, and competition. In the past, the importance of human resources management may ignore during the competition. But in the present competitive environment, more fact show the human resource can be the innovator to strategies to improve job performance and give organization a competitive edge. As the market become more global that managing people also becomes more challenging and the managing people effectively become more importance. There are many organization devoting more time, attention, and resources to have a competitive edge. The companies who stand in the high level human resources management performance have more effective in the competitive environment. Human resources will be helping the organization make a significant impact on the primary sources of competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

1. Introduction
In the real business world, no matter where we go, no matter what kind of companies and organisations, they all can not survive without strategy, structure, and HR practise. These three elements must be maintained on a high degree of consistency to achieve the company vision in the real business world. Firstly about the strategy about the organisation, there are four critical points to establish the strategy before the business operating. The first key is vision, mission and competitive advantage, which describe the business a company is in, it's current and long term market objectives and the manner in which it differentiates itself from the competition. The second and third key strategy element is external and internal assessment. External Assessment is reflects an approach of organization to gathering and analysing essential market data. Internal Assessment is the key strategy element that reflects the ability of company to objectively evaluate its own strengths and weaknesses. The final element of organizational strategy is objectives and goals. The illustrate an ability of company to articulate what it wants to accomplish, how it will do it, and when it will be achieved. Hence, the strategy of organisation should be according to the vision and mission of organisation. The vision gives the objective to organisation that is the strategy of organization must be depending on. And the objective give the mission to strategy that can be made the vision become truly. Secondly, Organization structure means that an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met. The organisation can be established through many different ways or styles that must be depend on their objectives. The structure of an organization will determine the modes in which it operates and performs. Thirdly, Human Resource Management practices, refer to organizational activities directed at managing the pool of human resources and ensuring that the resources is employed towards the fulfillment of organizational goals (Schuler & Jackson, 1987; Schuler & MacMillan, 1984; Wright & Snell, 1991). From above discuss, easy to see the final purpose of these elements is reached their mission as far as possible that is way to face the objective of organization. All elements are working for the vision of organization. Therefore, these elements will be more powerful to make organization truly face their objective when they are keeping achieve congruence. If they are only work for...
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