Case: It Wasnt About Race or Was It

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It Wasn’t About Race. Or Was It?

Group Paper

MNGT 3400, Human Resource Management

Professor Donna Driver

Due: April 22, 2010

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In this assignment, the issue we will deal with is interpersonal conflict within the workplace. We will be required to take on the role of the human resource manager in order to resolve conflict. Moreover, three of the most critical problem statements will be formulated and looked at in depth. Every phase is of underlining importance, as each phase builds on the other. A problem that is ill defined will cause havoc in the resolving process. In the first phase three problem statements must be formulated. Once the critical problems have been identified, then these need to be translated into problem statements. The problem statements should serve as a statement, thereby eliminating any personal value judgments or bias towards the main people involved. Once the three problem statements have been formulated, the next phase to follow is applying Cox & Blake’s six features theory into the context. The six features of Cox & Blake’s theory concern, is how to manage cultural diversity and how it can provide a competitive advantage. The six features are concerned with the changes and adaptations that managers must seek within their firm if it is to be truly a multicultural organization from integrating workers to establishing a flexible model for managing this diversity. The next phase to follow would be to apply the right type of human resource management activities that would help towards conflict resolution. The final outcome should be three action plans. In this final phase a solid plan of attack should be formulated along with each of these three action plans. The idea is that we defined three problem statements and therefore, we need to end with three action plans which could be carried out to resolve this conflict.

The case takes place in a national accounting firm named Fuller Fentonn. The case incorporates three main person’s Hope Barrows (a white female), Dillon Johnson (a black male), and the Manager Jack. Both the employees Dillon and Hope were well known employees of the company who have become valuable members and assets to the firm. Hope, having some years of experience at the firm was a partner, while Dillon was an associate. The main problem which occurred was the last straw for Dillon; he had been already having issues with the firm stemming from earlier accounts. The main final straw; When partner Hope wanted to come to work on the weekend early Sunday afternoon, she entered the firm’s parking garage following all standard security procedures as they would have been in place on a normal working weekday. However, while entering the garage, a car pulled up behind her and piggy-backed its way inside the garage as well. Hope, not knowing who worked his way into the garage behind her felt a little threatened and scared. Due to the timing of the event (Sunday afternoon), Hope left her car and asked the other driver of the car what he was doing in the garage, and if he had a legit ID. Dillon recognized Hope’s face, however, not knowing her name, did not say anything. Dillon felt that, Hope had asked for his ID card because he had slipped into the garage behind her and she thought he was some kind of criminal. He believed it was a racial issue. This was because, he thought, “I’m black, she’s white. Most people at the company are white.” This problem actually stemmed from an earlier problem. When Dillon signed on to the company he had always felt like an outsider because he was black. There were stories already hovering around that Fuller Fentonn was reinventing itself and trying to create a diverse, multicultural organization....
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