The 11th Hour

Topics: Fossil fuel, Energy development, Sustainability Pages: 5 (1522 words) Published: February 8, 2013
The 11th hour
Story of the film
film is preceded by the introduction of the environmental problems that plagued the world today. This introduction is intended to give an overview to the viewers about the negative impacts caused by human activities that are less responsible for the stability of the environment in general. Then proceed with the analytical discussion about things that appear in and around the environmental issue, and ended with optimistic statements proposed to raise the confidence of the audience to carry out concrete actions for the earth. In parts of the we can see about 50 leading scientists, thinkers, leaders, oceanographer, author, etc, asking questions or presenting facts relating to the environmental issues facing the planet and the prospects for maintaining the stability of the Earth's environment the first hour documentary presents a frightening picture, especially the degradation of environmental conditions that hit the planet, telling many sins conducted on the environment (such as pollution, deforestation, excessive mining), indicate the reasons or factors behind the spread of environmental damage (such as corporate greed, the failure of public policy, the lack of leadership and ignorance), and the meaning and impact of all of the existence of mankind. In the final third of the documentary, after a series of bleak picture of the condition of the planet. Improved mood viewers try again with the appearance of a wide selection of solutions describing the visions of the alternative energy sources, provide transportation options, improve environmental agendas of government, creating housing and urban infrastructure will be environmentally friendly and reduce the level of consumption in big cities. Perception

Speaking of businesses will certainly talk about the profit. Problems arise when the awareness of environmental sustainability is still low. When only the advantage of being the first priority, other aspects sometimes neglected. Businesses that take natural resources and produce waste usually will have an impact on the environment. A company would harm the environment to whatever extent was profitable, and they often harmed the environment despite the fact that it was unwarranted to do so. If there are no business ethics applies here, environmental degradation and other losses will occur. Many companies especially in manufacturing industry dispose of waste into water, like into river or pond. Sometime this is relatively harmless to ecosystem, but increasing the amount of waste could became too toxic for some organism. If toxic accumulate and make disturbing ecosystem, other third parties could be impacted, like people around ecology, food resources contaminated. Imagine that company twice as much pollution into pond/river to save operational cost, but it kill fish in the pond. The fisherman that have income from fish will not have any income. In that case, the company decision to dump more waste into pond actually causes more harm than good. It’s unfair to save money to pollute when other people have to pay for those saving. We can protect the environment by implementing stricter standards on companies and limit the amount of pollution allowed, and we can try to heal the environment and do what is necessary to restore it back to a balanced state. Of course, the costs of protecting and helping the environment can be expensive, and people don’t want to pay those costs. But who should pay the cost? Who those responsible and those who take benefit from that. Company which have more concern about environment can also to raise its reputation in which people could be more respect and make positive point to the company and its business be sustainable in long period. Company could be consider a range of ethical criteria for determining the companies’ ranking. Climate Change and Global Warming

Now days, many country have debate and discuss about nature condition due to climate change and global...
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