The 11th Hour Essay

Topics: Life, Natural environment, Global warming Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The 11th Hour Analysis Essay
In the video “The 11th Hour” I believe they are ultimately trying to convey a sentimental message of urgency and absolute necessity – our world is slowly dying, and we are the cause. Some of the core issues addressed in the film were deforestation, the hole in the ozone layer (global warming), vital resource depletion, and human ignorance regarding the environment and its needs. The point that stuck with me the most was the analogy concerning our overuse of natue in general – and our automatic answer usually being, “Well, everything we’re doing is necessary in order to make more money, which is the fastest way to production. Production is the fastest way to progress. Progress will allow us to eventually create a means of ‘giving back’ to the environment, inventing some kind of mechanism that will provide the same benefits as nature.” Yet, as one of the men interviewed said, it will actually cost even more money (what was some crazy number up in the trillions) to get to this point in production, than it would to leave nature alone, and let it take its natural course on earth. We as humans can be so dim sometimes. Blinded by our own “advancement,” or vision thereof. The 11th Hour means something late or shortly before an anticipated event; it comes from the Bible, and in this case – the end of the world. Just as another said in video, “We as people have a duty on this earth, to find that symbiotic relationship between man and nature. That balance that exists amongst all living things, something we should constantly strive for.
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