Topics: Cold War, World War II, United States Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Foreign Policy- policy that involves choice taking about relations with the rest of the world. The pres. Is the chief initiator of U.S. foreign policy United Nations- Created in 1945& currently including 192 member nations, with central peacekeeping mission and programs in areas including economic development& health, education, & welfare. The seat of real power in the UN is the Security Council. North Atlantic Treaty Organization- a regional organization that was created in 1949 by nations including the U.S, Canada, and most Western European nations for mutual defense and has subsequently been expanded. European Union- A transitional government composed of most European nations that coordinates monetary trade, immigration, & labor policies, making its members one economic unit. Secretary of Defense- The head department of defense and the president’s key advisor on military policy and, as such, a key foreign policy actor Secretary of state- the head of the department of state & traditionally the key advisor to the president on foreign policy. Joint Chiefs of Staff- a group that consists of the commanding officers of each of t he armed services, a chairperson, and vice chairperson, and advises the pres. On military policy (CIA)- an agency created after WW2 to coordinate American intelligence activities abroad to collect, analyze, and evaluate intelligence. Isolationism- the foreign policy course the U.S followed throughout most of its history whereby it tried to stay out of other nations conflicts, particularly European wars. Containment doctrine- a foreign policy strategy advocated by George Kennan that called for the U.S to isolate the Soviet Union, “contain” its advances, and resists its encroachments by peaceful means if possible but by force if necessary. Arms race- a tense relationship beginning in the 1950’s between the soviet union & the U.S whereby one side’s weaponry became the other side’s goad to procure more weaponry, and so...
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