Was Donald Rumsfeld Robert Mcnamara Reborn? Is the Iraq War the Vietnam War Revisited? Explain.

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  • Published : January 10, 2011
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Throughout history, we as a nation seem many correlations in regards to different time eras. The secretary of defense’s main job includes being in charge of the armed forces, National Guard and other related government defense organizations and is appointed by the President. This Secretary also runs and reports to the President the status and issues of the defense of the country. Of course we are going to see similarities and differences between past, present, and future secretaries. However, when taking a closer look at the former SOD McNamara and former SOD Donald Rumsfeld, while under Bush’s command. Many have argued that the connection of similar let downs have been revealed when looking at the stance and judgment calls made by McNamara during the Vietnam War and Rumsfeld during the Iraq War.

McNamara and Rumsfeld both have similar characteristics, in terms of, stopping the fight against dictatorship. Both secretaries of defense were fighting in different periods of time, yet having such extraordinary parallels. These men were both in an effort to spread democracy, one fighting the cause against communism, the other fighting terrorists. McNamara and Rumsfeld also had the same ideology, thinking that American’s were liberators. However, both were wrong with this assumption, learning that American’s were indeed imperialists.

The two have similarities in the fact that they were both fooling themselves. These two men end up finding themselves in the banks of corruption in the fight for freedom. Both men are blinded by their own ideas and theories. They both ignored the realities of their individual situations. They acted as if they knew better than the rest and ignored efforts other made in guiding their decision making processes. They both overlooked the real threat facing the American government and public.

The Secretary of Defense has many jobs. Their job is one of the most complex, criticized, and high dimensional position next to being the Command...
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