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Question: How is the role of the NGO(s) sector in welfare provision in Tanzania changed during the two decades?

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Table of Contents

1.1 Definition of Key Concepts3
1.1.1 Welfare3
1.1.2 Non-governmental Organization (NGO)3
1.2 The main objective4
1.2.1 Specific objectives4
2.2 Emergence of the NGO sector in Tanzania5
2.3 NGO(s) sector in welfare provision6
2.4 The role of NGO(s) sector on welfare provision in the last two decades8 3.0Conclusion11
4.0 Reference12


The state of welfare provision in Tanzania is in largely the outcome of policies that have been in place for the past several decades. From the time of independence the delivery of a wide range of social services were viewed as government responsibility and policy markers sought to extend health, education, water and other social services to the largely rural population. According to the National Policy on Non-governmental Organization (2001), the government recognizes the collaborative and partnership of other development actors and social services providers and therefore the NGOs have a role to play in welfare provision and economic services delivery. This paper shall discuss on how is the role of the NGO (s) sector in the welfare provision in the country changed in the last two decades. The paper will be divided in three sections; the first section will provide definitions of key concepts and then narrating the main and specific objectives as the milestone to be covered in the paper. The second section will be the main discussion which will try to cover the scope of the paper in relation to the milestone set and the last section will be the conclusion. 1.1 Definition of Key Concepts

1.1.1 Welfare

In accordance to the definition offered by Oxford Dictionary of Sociology the term welfare refers to the well-being of individuals or groups and, by implication, those measures which can help to ensure levels of well-being through provision of education, health services, managed housing, and social security benefits. Since the welfare is an aspect related to society the term social welfare or public charity is normally used in most cases and provisions offered by the social welfare are collectively referred to social services. 1.1.2 Non-governmental Organization (NGO)

There has been much debate on the definition of the term NGO, for instance Michael (2004) define NGO as independent development actors existing apart from governments and corporations, operating on a non-profit or not-for-profit basis with an emphasis on voluntarism, and pursuing a mandate of providing development services, undertaking communal development work or advocating on development issues. In Tanzanian context the NGO Act of 2002 define an NGO as “a voluntary grouping of individuals or organization which is autonomous, non-partisan, non profit making which is organized locally at the grassroots, national or international levels with the purpose of enhancing or promoting economic, environmental, social or cultural development or protecting environment; lobbying or advocating on issues of public interest of a group of individuals or organization, and includes non governmental organizations established under the auspices of any religious organization or faith propagating organization, trade union, sports club, political party, or community-based organization; but does not include a trade union, a social club or a sports club, a political party, a religious organization or a community-based organization”. From the above definition,...
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