Social Policy

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Social Policy

Outcome 3

HNC Social Care

8th July 2012

Remediation – 20th July 2012

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StepDown Community Services, like any agency has key policies and procedures that as an employee I must adhere to. These policies are influenced by legislation and quality assurance systems and at heart promote the rights and responsibilities of the individuals that we care for. Three of the key policies at StepDown are; Care Planning & Review Policy, Behaviour Management Policy & Staff Selection Procedures.

Care Planning and Review policy states that all young people in the care of StepDown will have a care plan. This plan will involve all the professionals involved with the young person, for example, the key worker at StepDown, the social worker, the police, the young person’s family & the young person. The plan will run throughout the duration of the young person’s time with StepDown & will be reviewed regularly in line with the Children (Scotland) Act 1995. This policy is in line with the Standards of Care and The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 and is influenced by both the Brandon Muir Inquiry 2009 & the Colyn Evans Inquiry 2005. The Brandon Muir Inquiry was instigated after the death of the 23 month old toddler in Dundee in 2008 at the hands of his mother’s abusive boyfriend. The subsequent Inquiry by James Hawthorn showed a lack of communication between agencies. Also, another inquiry, The Colyn Evans Inquiry 2005, into the death of Karen Dewar in January 2005 at the hands of her friend Colyn Evans, 17. Again, the inquiry showed a lack of communication as Colyn has previous sexual offences but none had been recorded on the Sex Offenders Register. By having the care planning reviews regularly and involving all agencies, we are trying to make sure all information known about a young person is spread to all those who require it.

The Behaviour Management Policy is in place to help staff deal with challenging behaviour from our young people. StepDown uses Therapeutic Crisis Intervention which uses de-escalation techniques to reduce challenging behaviour and uses a hands off approach. Any sanction carried out will be in accordance with the National Care Standards 15(9) “Sanctions are fair and in line with what you have done wrong. None will be physically punished.” The Kerelaw Inquiry (2009) looked at the complaints of abuse and bullying at Kerelaw Residential School in Ayrshire. Many residents complained about an environment of physical abuse where physical intervention was used as the first resort and residents had pain inflicted on them regularly by care workers. The inquiry showed a lack of training for staff and also a lack of management supervision and inspection by the council. By using TCI, no residents at StepDown should ever be subjected to physical abuse disguising itself as intervention.

Staff Selection Procedures at StepDown are thorough and robust and are designed to select the right staff to provide the highest quality of service for the young people at StepDown. All candidates are required to complete an Enhanced Disclosure Scotland form, or PVG form as of February 2011, which allows StepDown to access any convictions or criminal records held against the candidate. Also, registration of the Scottish Social Services Council is a pre-requisite. These procedures are influenced by the Cullen Report (1996) into the Dunblane Massacre of 16 children and their teacher at Dunblane Primary School by Thomas Hamilton. Lord Cullen’s report recommended a vetting of all those working with children under 18. This was due to previous concerns being raised about Thomas Hamilton when he was a Scout leader and ran boys groups.

The Staff Selection Procedures adhered to at StepDown have a huge impact on the young people and the care setting. The first main impact is financial. Not only do all staff have to be...
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