Role of Ngo in Pakistan

Topics: Human rights, Civil society, Non-governmental organization Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: April 20, 2011
According to my knowledge that all NGOs provide us basic needs which are rights of every people. The role of NGOs which are common for almost all the NGOs in the developed countries with regard to development in different fields as in education, health, women welfare etc. This range of activities varies from one country to the other. In Pakistan, nearly half of the NGO’s are committed to programs for women development while some NGOs have played an important role in creating awareness and human rights issues. Some have worked in health care, water and sanitation, education and other useful projects. NGOs in Pakistan can be divided into several broad categories: • Advocacy and lobbying

• Policy issues and debates
• Emergency, rehabilitation and relief organizations • Implementation of development project and programs

FOP consider that there are some sector vacant for development and working as following where role of NGOs in future will be appreciated.

• Environments and Energy Saving
• Traffic education and awareness
• Arbitration and Mediation in families
NGOs are playing very important role for over all development of back ward segment of society through providing right base approach and service delivery. NGOs are working in the field of Education, Health, women development, economic development and capacity building of civil society organizations. More over NGOs are playing pivotal role to create awareness among community about their rights and responsibility. Pakistani NGOs are very vibrant to watch the progress of overall development and had played very active role to restoration of judiciary.
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