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Topics: Risk management, Risk, Financial services Pages: 63 (14250 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Term paper on

Functions oF credit risk management in non Banking
Financial institutions (nBFi) in Bangladesh
A study on IDLC Finance Limited

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Letter of Transmittal_______________________

23rd December 2013


Subject: Submission of term paper of BBA Programme

Dear Madam,

It is my great pleasure to submit the term paper on "Functions of Credit Risk management in Non Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) in Bangladesh, A study on IDLC Finance Ltd " which is a part of BBA Programme to you for your consideration.

I made sincere efforts to study related materials, documents, observe operations performed in IDLC Finance Limited and examine relevant records for preparation of the report. Within the time limit, I have tried my best to compile the pertinent information as comprehensively as possible and if you need any further information, I will be glad to assist you.

Your most obident pupil,

Acknowledgement ____________________________

At first I would like to thank my honorable internship supervisor from BRAC Business School (BBS), BRAC University, SharminShabnam Rahman for providing me such an opportunity to prepare an Internship Report on “Functions of Credit Risk management in Non Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) in Bangladesh, A study on IDLC Finance Ltd ". Without her helpful guidance, the completion of this project was unthinkable. I would like to place my gratitude to the HR of IDLC Finance Limited to enable me to complete my internship in their esteemed organization.

Very special thanks goes to Mr. M. Jamal Uddin, Deputy General Manager & Head of Corporate and Structured Finance Division, IDLC Finance Limited & Mr. AlamIftekhar Chowdhury, Manager Corporate Division, IDLC Finance Limited, for helping me in all phase of the internship process. Their overwhelming support for my internship gave me the inspiration to do a better report.

During my preparation of the project work I have come to very supportive touch of different individuals (respondents from IDLC Finance Limited) & friends who lend their ideas, time & caring guidance to amplify the report’s contents. I want to convey my heartiest gratitude to them for their valuable responses.

Executive Summary_______________________

The non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) constitute a rapidly growing segment of the financial system in Bangladesh. The NBFIs have been contributing toward increasing both the quality and quantity of financial services and thus mitigating the lapses of existing financial intermediation to meet the growing needs of different types of investment in the country.

Today all NBFIs are playing a vital role for the growth of the nation’s economy with the best of their ability. During the world recession period NBFIs in Bangladesh act in a stringent manner so that their financial systems as well as the economy do not collapse. 29 NBFIs are now contributing to the growth of national economy. IDLC Finance Ltd as a leading and pioneer NBFI started their operation in 1986 and still they are dominating the NBFI sector as well as contributing to the prosper of economic development. Their success in this industry has inspired others to invest their capital in a profitable way.

As major business of all NBFIs are providing lease facilities to the business along with various types of loan to individual and organizations therefore risk is associated with each and every product they are offering. To minimize this risk every institution has its own risk management policies. A number of actions are taken so that risk associated to their investment can be minimized.

This report is emphasizes credit risk management in NBFIs in Bangladesh. In this regard IDLC Finance Limited has been taken as the sample organization, its, services, rules and regulation, corporate governance is also taken into...
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