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Executive Summary
This report is about bank, history and functions contains what I have learned in my six week internship at MCB (Ltd). It starts with its success story and brief introduction of management. This report contains detail about business practices in MCB, its current financial statement, position, working of its different departments in MCB Gojra Branch and about of how a letter of credit is used in bank. The purpose of exercise was to learn while working in practical field, especially the knowledge related to the general banking.

This report contains its consumer products, SWOT analysis and at last conclusion and recommendations.


MCB Bank Ltd. Unfolds 52 years’ growth. MCB is not an overnight success story. The bank started corporate life in Calcutta on July 9, 1947. After the partition of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent, the bank moved to Dhaka from where it commenced business in August 1948. In 1956, the Bank transferred it Registered office to Karachi, where the Head Office is presently located. Thus, the bank inherits a 52-years legacy of trust in its customers and the citizens of Pakistan.

In January 1974, the government of Pakistan nationalized MCB following the banks Act 1947; Premier bank Limited merged with MCB.

A wave of economic reforms swept Pakistan in the late 1990, introducing the need for privatization of state owned banks companies. In April 1991, MCB became Pakistan’s first privatized bank. The government of Pakistan transferred the management of the Bank to National Group, a group of leading industrialists of the country by selling 26% shares of the bank. In term of agreement between the government of Pakistan and the National group, the Group, making their holding 50% has purchased additional 24% shares.

MCB Bank Limited TODAY
MCB today, a represents a bank that has grown with time, experience and Pakistan. A major financial institution, in scope and size, it symbolizes a fully growing tree evergreen, strong, and firmly rooted.

The bank conducted import business during the year amounting to RS. 54.0 billion as compare to RS. 56.4 Billion In 2000. The export business slightly improves to RS. 36.9 Billion From RS. 35.1 Billion In 2000. Home remittances decline to RS. 16.7 Billion From 30.7 Billion the decline in home remittances business was due to freezing of Foreign Currency Accounts, which has affected the confidence of Pakistanis working overseas.

MCB’s strength lies in providing a technological base at the gross root level of the society with a challenge to educate and assimilate such systems across vast cultural and economic backgrounds. With over 768 automated branches, 243 online branches, over 151 MCB ATMs in 27 cities nationwide and a network of over 16 banks on the MNET ATM switch, MCB continuously innovating new products and services that harness technology for the customer’s benefits.

The bank activity participating in the Prime Minister self-employment Scheme. The application received from various applicants is being processed on merit and disposed off as quickly as possible.

Our bank’s foreign operation in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka continue to remain profitable. In April 1999 the Bank opened its third branch in Sri Lanka at Marinade a suburb of Colombo.


The board of directors has the authority in guiding Bank affairs and in making general policies. Some directors are the personnel of the MCB and others are successful businessperson and executives of other major organization. Ten members are included in board of directors, see in a list.

1. Mian Muhammad ManshaChairman and chief executive
2. Mr. S. M. MuneerVice Chairman

Nine Directors are:
1Mr. Tariq Rafi
2Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmed
3Mr. Mohammed Arshad
4Mr. Shahzad Saleem
5Mr. Raza Mansha
6Mr. Sarmed Amin...
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