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Topics: Supply and demand, Aggregate demand, Aggregate supply Pages: 10 (2242 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Report on

Aggregate Supply & Demand of Ready Made Garments (RMG) in Bangladesh


Submitted to
Shervin Rahman
Faculty of Business Administration
Eastern University

Submitted by
|S.N |Name |ID | |01 |Uzzal |091200167 | |02 |Nitai Sarker |091200180 | |03 |Fayshal Ahammed |091200151 | |04 |Mazibur Rahman |091200222 | |05 |Borhan Uddin |091200150 |

Letter of Transmittal

09 August, 2010
Course Name: Macro Economics (ECO 225)
Course Instructor: Shervin Rahman
Faculty of Business Administration,
Eastern University
Subject: Submission of the report.
Dear Madam,
We are very glad to let you know that, we have already completed the report that you assigned us as a partial fulfillment of the course of macroeconomics. During the preparation of the report we tried our best to make it reach covering the all concerning matter’s. We believe that the report will at least give you overall idea about supply & demand on RMG sector in Bangladesh. Now we humbly request you to accept the report for your favorite solicitation. In this regard, we once again like to show our deepest gratitude to you to provide the opportunity of preparing the report. Thank you very much. Yours Sincerely,

Uzzal ID#091200167
Borhan Uddin ID#091200150
Nitai Sarker ID#091200180

Fayshal Ahammed ID#091200150

Mazibur Rahman ID#091200222

Group – 03
B.B.A 18th batch
Eastern University


First of all, we would like to express gratitude to Almighty Allah. At the second time, we are really grateful to our class teacher Shervin Rahman whose awesome guideline and assistance helps us to conducting our report on the title of “Demand and Supply of Ready Made Garments of Bangladesh”. We are thankful to our every respondent for their sincere cooperation in providing necessary information. We are also thankful to our group members because they help us to collect the data and information.

Finally, we would like to thank MD. Rabbani & Mr.Anisur Rahaman who has provided us all the relevant information.

|SL |Topics |Page | |01. |Introduction |1 | |02. |Aggregate supply & Aggregate supply of RMG |2 | |03. |Aggregate demand & Aggregate demand of RMG, Consumption |3 | |04. |Govt. Expenditure, Net export, others factor |4 | |05. |Imports of RMG |5 | |06. |Export and External demand, Demand & supply gap |6 | |07. |Garments export fall last fiscal |7 | |08. |Readymade Garments industry & its growth...
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