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Topics: High school, College, Secondary education Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Dear Supervisor,
I recently conducted a statistical study to figure out how an admissions officer can determine which students are most successful in their school. The problem that most colleges face is admitting students who don’t do well. By doing this, it just leads to complications like the student failing in class and not getting a job after they graduate. Because of this, we need to determine which students are most successful at the University of West Erlham County.

To approach this, I looked at the collection of student data that includes : sex (SEX), high school percentile (HSP), cumulative GPA (GPA), age (AGE), total credits earned (CREDITS), classification (CLASS), school/college (COLLEGE), primary major (MAJOR), residency (RESIDENCY), admission type (TYPE), ACT English score (ENGLISH), ACT math score (MATH), and ACT composition score (COMP). By looking at all this data and making several scatter plots, histograms and box plots, I was able to figure out the most important factor in determining which students are the most successful.

GPA is the most important factor because it tells us how much a student has worked to get where they are now. If a student goes home and starts studying and doing their homework, they’re more likely to get a higher GPA than a student who goes out partying every day. The GPA determines how hard working a student is and so the most hardworking a student is, the more likely that student will be very successful in school.

Hsp is another important factor but not as important as GPA. If a student has a high highschool percentile, then it shows that the student is hard working so the student will most likely have a high GPA which means that he/she’s more likely to be successful in school too.

By looking at the data and comparing the GPA to all the other variables, there was clearly a strong linear relationship between HSP, and COMP. This shows that the higher the GPA, the higher the HSP and COMP which means that the...
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