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Chatterjee Jayanta Mittal A K Kripa Shanker Sharma N K Sharma R R K (Head) Sinha Arun P Varman, Rahul jayanta mittal ks rrks asinha rahulv 7858 7345 7683 7172 7782 7970 VISITING FACULTY Sarkar Runa Sengupta R N Phani B V Singh Anoop runa raghus 6608 6607

Peeyush Mehta pmehta 6647

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Bansal, Veena Swami Sanjeev Convenor, DUGC Convenor, DPGC Faculty Counsellor: veena 7743

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sswami 7460 : : A P Sinha Anoop Singh asinha anoops 7782 7679

Set up in 1974, the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering (IME) at IIT Kanpur was one of the first in the country to recognise the strength of combining the training of engineers with management education. Today, the Department is engaged in a diverse set of activities that include teaching, academic research, industry consulting, regularly held management development programmes, and public sector projects. The curriculum comprises state-of-the-art techniques to plan, design, implement and manage integrated systems of men, materials, capital, information and technology. The subjects taught provide a well-rounded coverage of the methods to manage and improve productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability of industrial, information and infrastructural (service) systems. In today’s competitive era, these methods have rapidly become relevant to engineers in all disciplines, Consequently, fresh engineering graduates as well as practicing professionals in fields ranging from computer science to aerospace engineering and architecture to electronics engineering regularly enrol in IME’s postgraduate programmes. Current areas of research include Operations Research, Operations Management, FMS/CIMS, TQM, Manufacturing Policy, Information Management, and Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Service Management, Strategic Management, Infrastructure Regulation and policy, Infrantucture project financing Energy Modelling and Management, Financial Management, Risk Modelling and Management, Revenue and Yield Management, Technology Management, IPR, Marketing of Services, Marketing Science, International Marketing, Consumer behaviour, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Management of Change and Organisation Restructuring. The Department offers M. Tech., MBA and Ph. D. degrees in Industrial and Management Engineering. A bachelor’s degree in any branch of engineering is the minimum requirement for admission to M. Tech./MBA. A Master’s degree in Management/Industrial Engineering/Operations Research is required for admission to Ph. D. The process of admission to M. Tech. and Ph. D. programmes includes a written test and a personal interview. The Department has started a 2 year MBA programme beginning July 2001. Open to engineering graduates of any branch, the programme consists of four semesters of course work with the intervening summer to be spent on a summer internship project in a host industry. Admission is through a combined all-IIT MBA entrance test and Personal Interview/Group discussion. Specialisation offered in MBA includes sectorial areas of Service infrastructure and Manufacturing and Functional areas of Operations and Systems.


IME 301 L-T-P-D-[C] 3-0-0-0-[4] COST AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Uses of Accounting, Principles and conventions of Financial Accounting, Balance Sheet concepts, Profit and Loss Accounts, Accounting Records, Preparation of Financial Statements, Cost Classification, Allocation and Absorption of Cost, Historical and Standard Costing Systems, Use of Relevant Costs in Decision Making. DESIGN OF PRODUCTION SYSTEMS Prereq. #

IME 401 L-T-P-D-[C] 3-0-0-0-[4]

Product Design and Development, Capacity Planning and Forecasting, Plant/ Facility Location, Plant Layout and Materials Handling, Job Decision and Work...
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