Telecommunication Industry in Bangladesh: Comparing Grameen Phone and Mobile Operator Aktel

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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|Executive summery |

Telecommunication industry is a booming sector in Bangladesh which is leading by Grameen phone and followed by the some mobile operator like Aktel, Banglalink, Warid telecom, City cell, Teletalk. This study is basically on Aktel; rationally we have taken Grameenphone as a benchmark. Aktel is one of the early comers in the mobile sector but its current position is not satisfactory. Their progress is not significant in comparison to Grameen phone and other existing operator. This study tried to scrutinize the gap between them from the perspective of quality service. We have made this comparison on the basis of some criteria such as customer care center, network capacity, customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility, internet facility, employee satisfaction, brand image & number of subscriber. This study has found some limitations of Aktel on the basis of above criteria, tried to recommend some suggestion to reduce the gap.

|Introduction |

Aktel is the third largest mobile phone company in terms of revenue and subscribers (8.59 million as of February 2009). In terms of earning profit, Aktel was the second position in 2008 & secured 3rd place in market position. It is the first mobile phone operator in the country to give GPRS service to the subscribers. Aktel launched its operation on the 15th November 1997 in Dhaka and on 26 March 1998 in Chittagong. Aktel started its journey with the earnest efforts of late Mr. Zahir uddin khan. Now Aktel stake is being shared by telecom Malaysia, Axiata, Docomo along with A.K.Khan. Though Aktel has started its journey since 1997 & it was the 2nd telecommunication company in Bangladesh. But the position the Aktel should be is yet to be achieved. Moreover, some new coming companies are gaining more market share instead of Aktel such as Banglalink, Warid. Though the early comer, Aktel is losing its market position in comparison with other mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. That’s why our survey tried to identify the reasons why Aktel cannot become the market leader. So we have selected a benchmark to make comparison with & logically it is Grameen phone. Grameen phone, the giant mobile operator with the largest subscriber, operating in Bangladesh since 1997.At present Grameen phone is the only operator achieving profit and leading the market. Our survey tried to find out the gap between Grameen phone & Aktel as well as present some suggestion to overcome the problem.

|Objectives & limitation |

➢ To identify present conditions of AKTEL in mobile phone service sector

➢ To identify the key performance variable with benchmark

➢ Specify programs and actions to reduce the gap with benchmark

➢ To evaluate the future potentiality of AKTEL to be the market leader

➢ To ensure proper guideline for strategic advantages.

➢ Sources were not enough.
➢ Unwilling to provide information due to security.
➢ There are little information regarding this sector
➢ Shortage of time.
➢ Lack of secondary data

|Scope of the study |

• This study has showed the significant difference between the Grameenphone and Aktel in the term of their operation. • This study has attempted to focus on the qualitative difference between the two companies. • The relative parties can find some view...
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