Distribution Mapping and Dealer Satisfaction Survey for Nokia Phones

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Distribution Mapping & Dealer Satisfaction survey for Nokia Mobile Phones|


Under the guidance Of
Mr. Neeraj Arora
Roll no: 521159708

in partial fulfilment o f the requirement
for the award of the degree

JUNE 2013


First, I thank my Supervisor Mr. Neeraj Arora for his continuous support to making this project Mr. Neeraj Arora was always there to listen and to give advice. He is responsible for involving me in this project in the first place. He taught me how to ask questions & which technique used for analysis. He showed me different ways to approach for the analysis.

Special thanks goes to my friend Miss Seema, who is most responsible for helping me complete the writing of this Project


Bonafide Certificate:


Certified that this project report titled "Distribution Mapping & Dealer Satisfaction survey for Nokia Mobile Phones” is the bonafide work of “Mohammad Areeb” who carried out the project work under my supervision.



Executive Summary
The main objective of the project is to study the satisfaction levels of customers, Product awareness and Consumer Behaviour with reference to NOKIA mobile handset user‘s.

Nokia has played a pioneering role in the growth of cellular technology in India, starting with the first-ever cellular call a decade ago, made on a Nokia mobile phone over a Nokia-deployed network.

Nokia started its India operations in 1995, and presently operates out of offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur ,Lucknow ,Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad. The Indian operations comprise of the handsets business; R&D facilities in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai; a manufacturing plant in Chennai and a Design Studio in Bangalore.

Over the years, the company has grown manifold with its manpower strength increasing from450 people in the year 2004 to over 15000 employees in March 2008 (including Nokia Siemens Networks). Today, India holds the distinction of being the second largest market for the company globally.

The most common way of research design is the Descriptive research design is use and methodology primary source of data were utilized for study. Sampling Design For the purpose of the study, the data has been collected in different places of market especially in Retail shops, metro station & Shopping mall. 100 customers were randomly selected for study.

By this project I‘ll be able to:

Find out the satisfaction levels of customers, towards the Product attributes like Features, Appearances, Battery backup, Audio output and Software compatibility of Mobile. This study help the NOKIA to recognize the factor which have more satisfaction level and which factor have more dissatisfaction level.

Table of Contents
1. Chapter 1 P. No.
i. Introduction
a. Background 9
b. Purpose of this Study 11
c. Scope and focus 11

Chapter 2
i. Literature Survey13

Chapter 3
i. Analysis
a. Introduction 18
b. Research Designs 20
c. Assumptions, Constraints and Limitations 21
d. Statistical Analysis (Percentage analysis) 22
e. Statistical Analysis (Chi-square)24

Chapter 4
i. Conclusions and Discussion
a) Summary of Findings 34
b) Suggestions & Recommendations 35
c) Conclusions 35

Chapter 5
i. Appendix 37
ii. References: 39


Table NameP. No.

1. Comparing Shaded Boxes to Total Boxes 18

2 . Chi-Square Test Table

a) Sex and satisfaction with feature of Nokia phone. 22 b) Sex and satisfaction with appearances of Nokia phone 22 c)...
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