Performance of Telecom Organizations in Pakistan

Topics: Service, Telecommunication, Customer service Pages: 16 (3335 words) Published: May 18, 2013


Submitted by: Tayyab Ali Baig
Bilal Ahmed Hashmi

Umar Farooq

Submission date: 6th-May-2013

Performance of Telecom Organizations in Pakistan: An Exploratory Study


In mid 2000 decade the telecom industry boom remarkably in Pakistan, especially in private sector. The services offered by the private telecom industry set a competitive trend among private as well as public telecom companies of Pakistan. The competition offered a number of services by each telecom company to satisfy their customers. Purpose of this study is to evaluate the overall performance of the public and private telecom organizations in Pakistan in the year 2010 on the bases of selected key performance indicators and their manipulation under a valid hypothesis.

This study is exploratory and descriptive nature that correlates the selected general key performance indicators which must be taken into account by all telecom companies of Pakistan. For the purposeful study we selected each two telecom companies of Pakistan; PTCL and NTC (public telecom industries of Pakistan), and MOBILINK and WARID (private telecom companies of Pakistan).

There are five key performance indicators are selected for the study that are directly affect and influence the telecom organizational performance, namely coverage, quality, availability, customer satisfaction and frequency of usage. These Key performance indicators tested against a valid hypothesis.

As the study is exploratory this is conducted in the Islamabad region which explores the performance level of telecom industry in Pakistan. Customer attraction is an important factor that determines the performance of the industry. We formulate a questionnaire (see Annexure-1) for general survey surveys to assess performance of telecom industry in Pakistan. We conducted statistical analysis (Co-relation analysis) and descriptive analysis to obtain research findings on a random sample data of 110 telecom customers.

Analysis of the data is done by applying nonparametric statistics through S.P.S.S 17. The key conclusion is based upon descriptive and inferential statistical analysis indicated that there is a significant impact on the performance of public and private telecom organizations in Pakistan.

Key Words:Telecom industry performance, coverage, quality, availability, customer satisfaction and frequency of usage

Societies are facilitated by businesses executed by the organizations appropriate to the diverse and mixed needs and want of goods and services that always exist in the societies, in contrast whether the organizations are private or public seek out monetary gains for their owners from the societies 1(Bessey B. Esu, Benjamin J. Inyang, April 2009) except non-for-profit organizations which are not comes in the scope of this study.

In this study performance of private and public Telecommunication Organizations in Pakistan are evaluated and approximated reasons for their success and failures to meet their objectives or purpose of their existence which depends upon number of factors. The key factors indicate strategies formulated by individual private and public telecommunication organizations in Pakistan to achieve their targets, maintain their task level and later on improving performance.


Purposefully it is to be worthwhile to argue what, when and where something incorrect due to ineffective and inefficient structured management performance system apart from whether the organization is owned by government or private sector.


This paper is consequently endeavored to find out the ways to improve the performance of both private and public telecommunication organizations in Pakistan to facilitate their customers in different regions of Pakistan. The necessary information is formulated through the feedback and data...
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