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Executive summary:
This assignment is done to provide the user information on Brand Audit of GrameenPhone Ltd, the telecommunication company in Bangladesh. Telecommunication has been a booming industry during the last two decades. Gradually this industry is matching towards market saturation. So, brand audit is also become very important and complex as well. The four major players GP, Banglalink, Robi, and Airtel by name are implementing same unique and confidential branding strategies to grasp their existing customers, to extend market share and to make them unique in the market. GrameenPhone has been successful to build a superior image in comparison to the other operators. In other words, GP has a clear advantage over the competitors. GrameenPhone has some additional features in comparison to its competitors. It is playing a vital role to increase the subscribers of GrameenPhone. Another important thing is that GP users are mostly satisfied with the initial price of GP connections and handsets. Because, before GP’s introduction to the market, mobile phones were totally out of reach to the major part of the current market. Moreover, GrameenPhone subscribers are happy with the country wide network. So, GP conduct a brand audit whenever they are considering important shifts in strategic direction. Any marketing program investment like service research, development, design, trade or interactive marketing, publicity and public relations and employee training company should focus on that contribute to brand value development through customer satisfaction. Understanding customer mind-set can have important implications for marketing programs. Some important measures of the customer mind-set are: brand awareness, brand associations, brand attitudes, brand attachment and brand activity. On the other hand, besides another tools GP can use CBBE model (customer – based brand equity) to conduct their brand audit. Grameenphone also successfully maintain their brand point of parity (POP) and point of difference (POD) with other brands by positioning their customer mind.

Part A
Building a strong brand is the goal of many organizations. Building a strong brand with significant equity is seen as providing a host of possible benefits to a firm, including greater customer loyalty and less vulnerability to competitive marketing actions and marketing crises, larger margins as well as more favorable customer response to price increases, and decreases, greater trade or intermediary cooperation and support, increased marketing communication effectiveness, and licensing and brand-extension opportunities. The challenge for marketers in building a strong brand is ensuring that customers have the right type of experiences with products and services and their accompanying marketing programs so that the desired thoughts, feelings, images, beliefs, perceptions, opinions, and so on become linked to the brand. A brand with the right identity and meaning can result in a customer’s believing that the brand is relevant and “my kind of product”. The strongest brands will be those to which consumers become so attached and passionate that they in fact, become evangelists on their behalf. The key point to recognize is that the power of the brand and its ultimate value to the firm resides with customers. It is through their learning about and their experiences with a brand that they end up thinking and acting in a way that allows the firm to reap the benefits of brand equity. Although marketers must take responsibility to design and implement the most effective and efficient brand building marketing programs possible, the success of those marketing efforts depends ultimately on how consumers respond. This response, in turn, depends on the brand knowledge that has been created in their minds.

Part B
Literature review:
Telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Bangladesh. People are now a day’s considering to have...
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