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Teaching English to Young Learners with GO TEFL Result: 81% Assignment
Answer the following questions based on your course readings for this module. (100 marks) Part 1: This section covers multiple choice type questions. Choose the correct answer from the possible answers provided. 1. What is one of the main differences between children and adult EFL students? (1) 1. Children are more likely to be forced to attend the classes.  2. Games are effective for children but not effective for adults. 3. It is more important to create the need to learn in adults than in children. 2. Which of the following is true? (1)

1. Teaching children should be based on improvisation.
2. Children should be taught only through games.
3. It is essential to plan your lessons thoroughly when teaching children.  3. What is important to do in the first class where you teach the letter 'o'? (1) 1. to associate it with one sound and a word, for example 'orange', through the use of flash cards 2. to associate it with at least two sounds and at least two words, such as 'orange' and 'open', through the use of flash cards 3. to teach the name of the letter 'O' in the alphabet and get the students to repeat a word with 'o' after you, for example 'orange' 4. Which of the following is a phonic: (1)

1. the sound as in ‘jet’;
2. the letter ‘j’;
3. ‘jay’
Choose one answer.
1. a. both 1 and 3
2. only 1 
3. only 2
5. You are introducing the letter ‘i’. You have just drilled the word ‘lip’. When will you drill the word ‘bike’? (1) 1. immediately
2. later in the same class
3. in a later class 
6. You have just finished teaching single-letter vowel sounds to your students. Which of these sounds is a suitable choice to focus on in your next lesson? (1) 1. ‘ea’ as in ‘eagle’
2. ‘th’ as in ‘thing’
3. ‘s’ as in ‘sand’ 
7. What is the double-letter sound in the word ‘headline’? (1) 1. he
2. ea 
3. in
8. When is the best time to introduce the plural form of nouns? (1) 1. together with the singular form
2. in students’ second year of studying English
3. together with numerals 
9. What is the best way of teaching children to pronounce the word 'road'? (1) 1. first drill ‘r-r-r’, then ‘o-o-o’, then ‘a-a-a’, then ‘oa-oa-oa’, then ‘d-d-d’, finally drill the sounds together ‘road-road-road’ 2. first drill ‘r-r-r’, then ‘oa-oa-oa’, then ‘d-d-d’, then drill the sounds together ‘road-road-road’  3. first drill the letters ‘ar-ar-ar’, then ‘ou-ou-ou’, then ‘ei-ei-ei’, then ‘dee-dee-dee’, then drill the word ‘road-road-road’. 10. Francis has asked her colleagues some advice on how to teach writing to her young students. Here is the advice three of them gave: (1) Fenton: "Get them to imagine that the whiteboard is a page from their exercise-books and demonstrate to them on the board where to begin writing letters/words and how to write them." Deon: "Teach them two ways of writing each letter but not at the same time – first teach all the letters in upper case, then all the letters in lower case." Kate: "Show them how some letters fit between two lines while others reach the higher line or the lower line." Whose advice is incorrect?

1. Fenton’s
2. Deon’s 
3. Kate’s
11. You are a little frustrated because your students speak too much native language in class. They know that you understand their language, so you realise they do not feel motivated enough to speak English. How can you encourage them to speak only English in class? (1) 1. introduce a punishment for using the native language

2. do drilling for most of the lesson; as they repeat after you, they won’t get an opportunity to use their native language 3. introduce a puppet to them, tell the students that the puppet can only speak and understand English and use the puppet throughout the lesson  12. It will probably be impossible for you to keep young learners enthusiastic about...
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