Periodical Test in English

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I.Multiple Choice

1.In the story of “The Proud Flower”, who is the flower that admired most by the animals?
a.the roseb.the orchidc.the dandelion

2. He created or made other flowers more beautiful than then rose.
a.Godb.gardenc.the flower

3.In the story of “Pot of Gold”, where does Berto and his mother live? the the cityc. in the jungle

4.In the story of “Wise Ducky”, what did the duck see in the pail that made her feel disappointed?
a.the water is law to reach
b.the water is too high to drink
c.none of these

5.In the story of “The Most Beautiful Thing in the World”, what did the artist want to do?
a.He looks for the best wife in the world.
b.He looks for the most thoughtful children in the world.
b.He looks for the most beautiful thing in the world.

6.What is the moral value that the story tells you about?
a.The gift of family is God’s special gift. Value it.
b.Be patient. When something fails, another way will work.
c.If you want to achieve something, work hard for it in order to succeed.

7.In the story of “Jose Rizal, a Super Boy”, Jose Rizal grew up to vey ______________.

8.In the story of “The Dog Who Wanted To Be Something Else”, why was the dog envious of the bird?
a.the bird can flyc. both A & B
b.the bird can tweet
9.She was a legend. People don’t know how her story began.
a.couple b.bad menc.Maria Makiling

10.In the story “The Rabbit on the Moon”, why did the old man go down to the forest? test who’s the kindest among the three
b. to give rewards deceive the three

II.Tell the position of the sound of d in the following words. Write I for Initial, M for Medial and F for Final.




III.Encircle the correct answer.

16.We ( was , were )at the beach last week.

17.The ( circle , circles ) are perfect.

18.( It’s, Its’ ) your duty to bathe your pet.

19.Rose ( do , does ) not know how to cook.

20.She ( do, did ) not visit me last night.

21.The goose ( has , have ) friends.

22.Female Kangaroos ( has, have ) pouches.

IV.Write P for Phrase and S for Sentence.
_______ 23.a white envelope
_______ 24.My teacher is great.
_______ 25.She is our principal.
_______ apple
_______ 27.the mountain

V. Fill in the blank with the correct pronoun. Write He, She, It, or They.

28. This is Sarah.
____________ is a nurse.

29. This is a pen.
____________ is sharp.

30. This is Michael.
____________ is a policeman.

31. This is my parents.
____________ are kind.

32. This is Roger.
____________ is a doctor.

VI.Underline the verbs.

33.Roy dances gracefully.

34.Sarah sings well.

35. Mother cooks food deliciously .

36. Father drives car carefully.

37. I write my name properly.

VII.Write the past form of the following verbs. ___________42.go-___________



VIII.Write the missing words of the poem “Trees”. Choose your answer inside the box below. poemrainearth

by Joyce Kilmer

I think I shall never see,
A _____________ as lovely as a tree;
A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed,
Against the _____________’s sweet flowing breast.
A tree that looks God all day,
And lift its leafy arms to pray.
A tree that may in summer wear,
A ______________ of robins in her hair.
A tree upon...
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