Teenagers and Cell Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Cellular network Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Effects of Cellular Phones and Teenagers
Daniella D. Baca
October 27, 2010
J.T. Humber

Effect of Cellular Phones and Teenagers
Technological advances have increased dramatically in the past 40 years. Martin Cooper invented the first cellular phone in 1973, which was called the Dyna Tec, while working for the famous company Motorola (“Want to Know It”).The first cellular phone did not sell well because it was as large as a brick (“Want to Know It”). So now knowing how technology has advanced, it is obvious to see why it is advancing. Although technological advances have affected both the generalized public and society’s teenagers, it seems to have had a larger effect on society’s teenagers, specifically the advances in cellular phones. Not only does cellular phone usage affect a teenager’s social life and literacy, but it also affects their health. Cellular phones have a great impact on a teenager’s social life. Before cellular phones, the only way to communicate was face to face. One could show what exactly is trying to said, with not only their words but also ones’ own physical expression or emotion. Now, not knowing what exactly the other person is trying to say will just cause a lot of miscommunication. Cellular phones also impact their status in social cliques. If they have the newest or more expensive cellular phone then they obviously has money and therefore needs to be with the popular clique; and if not, well then they will just have to go with one of the less popular cliques. Not being “popular,” can cause teenagers to feel inadequate to others. Not only disturbing their social life at school, but also his home life. On average, teenagers spend a minimum of an hour and a half texting and half-hour talking on their cellular phones (Schulten). Cellular phones interfere with the parent and child bonding process and with the parent and child level of actual physical communication. Also known as sitting down and having a face to face conversation...
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