Cell Phones as a Distraction

Topics: Mobile phone, High school, Middle school Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: December 19, 2011
Henry Badillo
Professor Michelle Ixim English 101
2 December 2011
Research Paper

Use of Cell Phones as a distraction to learning
Have you ever wondered why you can’t focus in class or why you didn’t score high on your Algebra exam? Well, my answer to that is because cell phones are distracting them from concentrating in elementary school, middle school, high school and even college. For instance, there are teenagers that text during class and that is not the right thing to do if the student wants to learn. For that reason, a lot of students do a horrible job in school because they get addicted at texting and using social networking sites or playing online games in the Internet. Teenagers should use their brains and realize that their education comes first before anything and they shouldn’t let technology distract them from reaching their goal. Phones are useful but teenagers shouldn’t use them as if their lives depended on them especially in school.

No one can deny that cell phones distract students to do their homework or focus in class. Teenagers mostly use their cell phones to text or call their friends and family, but the problem with that is that they do it while they are doing their homework, during class or while studying for an exam and that is not letting them concentrate. People are using their cellphones because cell phones provide immediate access, regardless of time and location, eliminate the need to find a landline phone, and make them look good. Wei and Lo also demonstrated similar motives: information seeking, social utility, affection, fashion and status, mobility, and accessibility. (Jin and Park 612) However, teenagers now a days are more involved in using cell phones to text and call their family and friends but they do it at the wrong time when they are suppose to be listening to their teachers or...
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