Teenage Pregnancy

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First I would like to thank the Almighty God for giving me the guidance, health and strength in completing this project and making it a success.

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Teenage pregnancy is a social problem that is not fixed by sexual education or abstinence but an overall buildup of a person to lead a healthy life with a healthy self esteem to make good choices in life.

Teenage motherhood is a large issue in society. Circumstances contributing to the increase in teenage pregnancy will be examined along with ways that teenage pregnancy can be reduced. Several current programs and methods to reduce teenage motherhood will be discussed for their effectiveness, as well as the current public policy. Various ways to increase their effectiveness will also be discussed with possible recommendations. With a belief that programs that contain abstinence will have the greatest effect on a person’s behavior.


There are many social and economic causes of teenage pregnancy. The most primary cause is the lack of knowledge among teenagers regarding the consequences of irresponsible sexual behavior. Most cases of teenage pregnancies are observed in the lower economic strata of society where there is a lack of knowledge, awareness and facility to address the problem of unintended pregnancy. Lack of trust and communication between parents and kids is another important cause of unwanted teen pregnancy. Parental attitude towards their teenaged children and amongst themselves influence their children’s behavior and thoughts. If parents are unable to communicate with their children regarding issues relating to sex then the kids resort to acquiring information regarding sex through other sources which may not be reliable. These other sources are generally magazines and friends who are extremely unreliable sources of information and can mislead the children into forming incorrect ideas about sex.

Lack of emotional maturity and independence to act and behave responsibly is another outcome of poor communication and relationship between parents and teenagers. Many teenagers indulge in irresponsible sexual behavior due to lack of information and awareness regarding sex. Other reasons are peer pressure inability to express views and frustration in the child as a result of no extra curricular activities. Inadequate knowledge or awareness regarding reproductive health, contraceptives and consequences of unintended pregnancy are most often the causes of teenage pregnancy. Reasons for teenage pregnancy are not as simple as prosecuting “predatory “men who have sex with underage females. Teen girls have been shown to have babies for many different reasons. Reasons range from the belief that having a baby will give them something to love, forgetting to use contraceptives, they not know how to use contraceptives, and they only did it once, rape, to get closer to their parents or a boyfriend, or status in social economic area. The effects of teenage pregnancy are many and varied from the obvious to the not so obvious. The importance of this topic is reflected by the fact that 70% of the current occupants of our juvenile already have a parent in the prison system, 93% of them male. Teenage girls who become mothers before they are 18 have less lifetime earning power than mothers who wait until 18-25 and even less than those mothers who wait until over 25 to have their first child. Mothers under the age of 18 are more likely to live in poverty, and not live independently.  ...
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