Teenage Pregnacy

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Birth control Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: February 10, 2013
level of parents in their communication with their children and plans for further sex education were also considered .The research involved investigation of parents` contribution to the future sexual health of their children which includes interviewing to discuss issues and concerns in providing sex education . Moreover , a study which used self-administered questionnaire was evaluated to know the involvement of their child 's sex education

The research found out that most parents (95 ) stated that the sex education has the primary role to prevent teenage pregnancies . However less than half (35 ) initiated frequent sex education with their children . Moreover , the research found out that mothers` and fathers` skill in sex education varied , demonstrating some uncertainty in this aspect of parenting

Generally parents talked less to their children about various sexuality s with the factual s such as teenage pregnancies , birth , and reproduction . Not unexpectedly , this research suggests that parents should be given guidelines for their role in sex education , which promotes early , open and unreserved communication . The timing of sex education is also crucial to ensure that sexuality is as integral to the individual as numeracy and literacy and is approached in the same manner Introduction

The statistics on teenage pregnancy and birth rates underscore an important reality . It is emphasize that pregnancy is the natural result of sexual intercourse . It is so natural that four of every five girls who have regular intercourse without contraception will become pregnant within a year . Half of them will become pregnant within the first 6 months of sexual activity . Right now , more than one of every ten teenage girls in this country becomes pregnant each year . That 's about 1 .1 million pregnant teenagers a year . Of this number , about 450 ,000 have abortions and 550 ,000 have babies (The rest have miscarriages One of every five babies is born to a...
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