Perception of Parents Towards the Needs of Adolescents Sex Education

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 14 (4991 words) Published: January 29, 2013
The literature for the study is reviewed under the following sub heading: Meaning of Sex Education
1. The need for Sex Education
2. Importance of Sex Education
3. Agencies for Sex Education
4. Parent involvement in Sex Education

The family is the principal unit socialization for children and, thus, it plays a powerful role in the sexual development of the children. As seen by Staton (1990:1), socialization is the comprehensive and consistent induction of an individual into the objective world of a society or a sector of it. This socialization begins in childhood when the individual becomes a member of the society. Primary socialization, as this is called, is a process rather than an event and it occurs until the individual becomes a functioning member of the society (Staton 1990:1). The foregoing argument clearly indicates the fact that what the child will become in the society is a responsibility of the parents. It is their God-given duty to bring up the child in the way that will make him or her a responsible citizen in society. For the child to behave in a sexually responsible way when he reaches adolescence, will depend on the amount of communication that takes place at home among family members. According to Miller, Kotchick, Dorsey, Forehand & Ham (1998:218) parents and other family members are in a unique position to help socialize adolescents into healthy sexual adults, both by providing accurate information about sex and by fostering responsible sexual decision-making skills. Parents are the primary teaches of their children. They influence how children learn to think, use language, feel about themselves and others and organize experiences (Bundy & White 1990:322). However, research on the role of parents regarding the sexual development of their children, yields inconsistent results in that many parents assume that sexual development is social, emotional and academic growth of children (Osborne & De Onis 1997:20). Salus (1995:4) states that, though sexual education is primarily the task of parents, it is also the responsibility of all persons who have contact with children and is only part of the total integrated education for living. School counselors can extend their pro-active and primary prevention programmes to assist parents in fulfilling their role as the foremost sexuality educators of their children. Family Life Education in Natal Education Department (1990) suggests that the programme offered by school should reflect the needs and values of the school and the community and the school should discuss both the content and method of teaching sex education with its parent community before implementing the programme. All parents have their own moral, religious and ethical positions on the subject and have the right to know both what is being taught and how it is being taught (NED 1990). Big breast and daddy so small or why Paul is having a hanging thing between his thigh and she is not. The answer to these questions should be simple and geared to the child level of understanding using terms and languages that are appropriate for male and female anatomy (Penis and Vulva). Nowadays, sex is being glamorized in books, television and movies. These places do not really encourage young ones to become chaste and also maintain conduct that gives them real happiness both now and in the future. Since they are curious to know about sex it will really be damaging if they are not given sex education both at home and in the school. Statement of Problem

There is increase problem in Nigeria today as to moral laxity, promiscuity, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), forced marriage, school dropout etc. among youths. The increase of these problems according Orieh (1981) has been attributed to ignorance of youth about sex education,...
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