Cultural Anthropology

Topics: Sex education, Teenage pregnancy, Human sexual behavior Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: August 26, 2010

Importance of Sex Education
Lynda M. Gibbons
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 101
Dr. Eszter Barra-Johnson
March 22, 2010
Ashford University

This paper explores the benefits sex education for the teenagers of the United States. It shows cause and statistics for and against the issue of further education in the fight to prevent teenage pregnancy. It is a growing epidemic that affects our culture and has begun to cramp an already declining economy.

Importance of Sex Education
This is a topic that for many years has fueled heated debates both personally and politically. Throughout the years many have made decisions that were later changed by someone else. In my personal opinion, I believe this type of education is just as important as the regular curriculum in every school today. Much attention is placed upon educating adolescents about the prevention of pregnancy, but discussion about pregnancy and what happens after pregnancy is just as crucial in helping teens in the United States make better decisions about sex. When I began reading the information available to write this paper, it was absolutely staggering to see the statistics and read the stories of the youth of the United States.

Sex education within the last ten years has been largely abstinence based under the Bush Administration. These programs have advocated waiting to have any form of sexual interaction until marriage. They did not educate adolescents about the use of contraception, and often times, there were moralistic overtones within the education literature. Thirty years of public health studies have clearly determined that the provision of information about condoms and contraception does not increase sexual activity among teens or lower the age of sexual initiation; again putting into question why the U.S. would want to withhold such...
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