Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Adolescence, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Teen pregnancy is not just a rare virus that has recently sprung up, adolescent pregnancy has plagued our country for over three centuries, but it is only more recently that we have noticed its growth and severe impact on many aspects of society.Teen pregnancy has been around for generations; however, not until the twentieth century has teen pregnancy become a major issue.

With teen pregnancy on such a rise, there are many issues that can be discussed: the many risks of teen pregnancy, society’s approval of teen pregnancy, the responsibilities of those now teen parents, and ways to handle or prevent teen pregnancy. Although these are not the only important factors that arise in the subject of teen pregnancy, they are among the most important.

There are many risks for teens when they become pregnant. Young girls who get pregnant do not know what they are getting themselves into. Most young girls get pregnant by mistake.

The social change that leads to this visibility is not only based on a change in sexual behaviors, but it also is based on a change in the nature of adolescence. These changes begin with the decline of the average age of menarche. The average age for menarche in girls ten years ago was 14.2; this age has dropped by two years since then. The average age for menarche today is 12.2. This statistic suggests that since girls are capable of having children at younger ages they are also more apt to have sex at a younger age.

The social changes that effects these statistics deal with the raising of the average age of marriage, standard attitudes towards marriage as a sacred institution, and economic shifts which have led to a need for longer educational careers. These changes have produced pockets of urban poverty where education is often not valued or taken seriously.

Unfortunately, the need for higher education is reflected in the fact that only at levels after high school has enrollment increased in recent years, and only in the late...
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