Teen Pregnacy

Topics: Birth control, Teenage pregnancy, Sex education Pages: 6 (2138 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Teen Pregnancy
9 April. 2012

Teen pregnancy has long been a social issue in the United States; statistics show it is becoming more widespread. The U.S has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the modern world, that’s twice as high as in England or Canada (“Background on teen age pregnancy”). In the U.S alone, there are about 400,000 infants being born to mothers ages 15-19 each year (“US has highest teen pregnancy rate”). Expecting teen moms tend to not complete or excel High school, there for, being put in a lower educational group than others who finished high school. This goes hand in hand with about 80% of unmarried teen mothers ending up on welfare. Pregnancies with teen girls between the ages of 15-19 are growing drastically. However a three pronged approach can remedy the problem: parents educating their children better, schools providing a well in-depth Sexual Education class as well as provide birth control and condoms, and finally laws and cost on birth control need to be more reasonable. Aspects of religion play many parts in teenage pregnancy. Teens growing up in a religious society never knowing all their options for safe sex. This is because, many religious groups believe abstinence until marriage is the only topic of discussion, there for, that’s all they teach (“Abstinence-only Education”). These believers think that if they have sex before marriage they will in fact come in contact with diseases and pregnancy (“Abstinence-only Education”). Telling these teens to just not have sex and wait till marriage is unrealistic. Only teaching your child about abstinence does them no help if they are already having sex. Half of all teenagers will have had sex by the time they leave high school, and about half of those kids would have had close to no education about sex ("Abstinence-only Education"). Sometimes, it’s not their choice to have sex. Their boyfriend could have forced them to or talked them into doing things they don’t believe in. For this reason, these girls need at least a little education on sex in order to prevent pregnancy and diseases. Twenty-three percent of all pregnancies end in abortions ("Birth Control Policy"). This statistic would be extremely lower if only schools would pay more attention to sexual education. Students start Sexual Education, or Sex Ed, as a 5th grader. In this grade, one strictly learns about the body and how it works and how it will be changing in the near future. Children start learning about sex as a 6th grader, depending on where they live and what school they go to. Sadly, in 6th grade is when the children learn the most about actual sex. From anywhere about the body parts all the way to birth itself. Middle Schools Sex Education is mainly the children asking silly little question on what they want to know, along with the types of STD’s you may come in contact with. As a 7th or 8th grader, you’re not going to take this class seriously, and probably not even understand what you’re learning. In middle school this class was a time to get out of real class and socialize with your friends and make fun of what the teacher is talking about. Once one gets to high school, when Sex Education is the most important, and when the students will actually benefit from it, the teachers stray away from the topic. This depends on the school and teachers that are teaching the children as well. Coach Carter tells his students about the muscles of the body and how to eat healthy; he doesn’t teach anything about preventive measures or how to have safe sex. If this follows at other schools as well, then this may be the reason for such heights in pregnancy rates in high school. I believe that in order to stop teen pregnancies in the United States, the first step is to teach a more extensive and thorough lesson in Sex-Ed and make sure that every single student understands the information and acts on it. If we made sure that every student...
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